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Patriot GEM-T Missile Production Expansion Showcased at ILA 2024


Patriot GEM-T Missile Production Expansion Showcased at ILA 2024

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Patriot GEM-T Missile Production Expansion Showcased at ILA 2024
Patriot GEM-T Missile Production Expansion Showcased at ILA 2024

At the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) 2024, the spotlight is on the significant strides made in the production of the Patriot GEM-T missiles in Germany. Following a major contract between the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) and COMLOG—a joint venture between Raytheon and MBDA Germany—the progress of the project to supply up to 1000 Patriot missiles is being showcased, underscoring the robust collaboration and manufacturing capabilities within Europe. The Patriot GEM-T missile, a cornerstone of the Patriot air defense system, is vital for defending against a range of aerial threats, including cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and enemy drones and aircraft. The NSPA treaty benefits four primary nations—Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Spain—while remaining open to other potential user countries, highlighting the expansive and inclusive nature of this defense initiative.

Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Germany, highlighted the significant progress at the German Armed Forces’ Military Support Center: “At ILA, we will demonstrate the advancements in the Patriot program. The inclusion of key suppliers like Sener and Bayern-Chemie has been pivotal. The new production capacities at our headquarters will enhance the security of supply and aid in replenishing the stocks of Patriot missiles.”

Echoing this sentiment, Thomas Laliberty, President of Land & Air Defense Systems at Raytheon, stated: “Our long-standing partnership with MBDA and an expanding network of European suppliers allow us to scale up our production capacity for GEM-T missiles. Together, we are committed to increasing the inventory to meet the demands of our allies across Europe, who rely on the proven capabilities of the Patriot system for their air and missile defense.”

At ILA 2024, COMLOG, along with its key partners Raytheon and MBDA Germany, and subcontractors such as Sener and Bayern-Chemie, will present crucial components of the Patriot system produced in Germany and across Europe. MBDA Germany spearheads the missile manufacturing, with Bayern-Chemie providing the propulsion systems from their facility in Aschau am Inn, and Sener, headquartered in Madrid, delivering the rudder control systems. Overall, more than 15 contractors are involved in the intricate process of manufacturing the GEM-T missile, showcasing the collaborative effort across the European defense industry.

COMLOG Gesellschaft für Logistik mbH is a joint venture between MBDA Deutschland and Raytheon. It was founded to provide unparalleled logistics support of PATRIOT missiles in Europe. Each company holds a 50 percent share in the joint venture. The company’s primary field of activity is the logistic support of PATRIOT MIM-104 missiles with the aim of maintaining operational capability. Since its founding, COMLOG has maintained more than 5,000 MIM-104 missiles, including all variants, at the PATRIOT Missile Facility 3 (PMF-3), located in Schrobenhausen, Germany. With the addition of the award of a GEM-T New Build contract in December 2023, COMLOG establishes new capability and enhances capacity to integrate new GEM-T Missile Rounds (MRs) at the COMLOG facility in Germany to meet the large-scale missile demand for Europe. COMLOG’s prime customer is the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), which operates on behalf of the European PATRIOT user countries and the US Army.

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