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US Army Equipping Units with Soldier Portable One System Remote Video Terminal (SPOT)


US Army Equipping Units with Soldier Portable One System Remote Video Terminal (SPOT)

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The U.S. Army is fielding units with Textron Systems latest configuration, the Soldier Portable OSRVT (SPOT), which provides even greater flexibility. Textron Systems One System® Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT™) delivers full-motion video, imagery and critical data from a variety of sources directly to the warfighter’s fingertips. Insertion of the SPOT and OSRVT systems enables a common operating picture for dismounted troops by providing the same situational awareness as an aircraft pilot/payload operator, which is imperative for Soldiers in an ever-changing battlefield.

The SPOT is built on the proven OSRVT architecture and its 15 years of combat experience embedded with all U.S. Army Brigade Combat Teams and Special Forces Groups. The system’s new compact design, intuitive displays and bi-directional antenna configuration provides maximum flexibility for Soldiers on the move. The SPOT is a wearable system that features the same user-friendly software and graphic user interface as the existing OSRVT technology, with an emphasis on enhanced expeditionary capability. Weighing less than eight pounds, ruggedized for austere environments and featuring touch screen operation, the SPOT provides a tactical edge to the dismounted soldier.

OSRVT One System Remote Video Terminal
One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT). (Photo by Textron Systems)

“SPOT plays a vital role in the field, allowing the tactical dismounted leader the same unparalleled video that was previously only available to the battalion and bridge commanders in the tactical operations center. It provides near real time situational awareness that allows the soldiers in the field to immediately react to impending threats,” said Justin, Program Director, Textron Systems.

The Soldier Portable OSRVT (SPOT) is a lightweight (<8 lbs), wearable system that delivers encrypted full-motion video, images and critical geospatial data from Department of Defense Crewed and Uncrewed Aircraft. The systems’ smaller size, intuitive displays and single antenna configuration is optimized for the dismounted warfighter at the tactical edge, while providing them the same situational awareness as the aircraft pilot and/or payload operator. Textron Systems are delivering the next-generation OSRVT to U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces customers, equipped with bidirectional capability, upgraded software architecture and a more user-friendly interface.

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