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Anduril Launches Extended Range Sentry Tower (XRST) to Advance Counter Intrusion Missions


Anduril Launches Extended Range Sentry Tower (XRST) to Advance Counter Intrusion Missions

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Anduril’s Extended Range Sentry Tower (XRST) at the U.S. - Mexico border.
Anduril’s Extended Range Sentry Tower (XRST) at the U.S. - Mexico border.

Anduril Industries is excited to announce its latest innovation in counter intrusion: Extended Range Sentry Tower (XRST). The most recent addition to Anduril’s Sentry family of autonomous systems, XRST brings proven autonomous surveillance capabilities to longer-range applications, while ensuring that operators are presented with relevant decision points, not noise. XRST is designed to enable autonomous detections at extended ranges for counter intrusion missions. XRST includes a sensor head that is integrated atop an 80-foot expeditionary tower to enable detection, classification, and tracking objects of interest up to 7.5 miles away, including 5+ miles autonomously.

XRST is part of the Sentry family of systems that leverage autonomy as a force multiplier to detect, identify, and track objects of interest. Sentry reduces manpower needs and response times by presenting tailored alerts to operators within seconds of detection. By constantly processing and training state-of-the-art algorithms at the edge, Sentry enables operators to increase the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of their efforts. XRST seamlessly integrates with Lattice, Anduril’s software platform, and existing Sentry Tower networks to create a network effect for counter intrusion. Lattice fuses real-time data from Anduril’s Sentry Towers in addition to third-party data sources to create comprehensive actionable intelligence for operators.

“We are constantly improving our technology solutions to deliver unrivaled situational awareness to operators, delivering autonomous capabilities that act as force multipliers for border security and force protection missions around the world,” said Peter Babb, VP of Counter Intrusion at Anduril Industries. He added, “our systems give operators the mission advantage they need to focus on responding to incursions, rather than working to identify them.”

Anduril developed XRST to meet requirements for longer range detections for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, while using artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to free up agents who, without this technology, have to spend countless hours manually identifying crossings. In November 2023, Anduril sprinted to complete the pilot tower and deployed it to support operations in Texas. More are forthcoming. Anduril is proud to provide the only autonomous surveillance tower systems fielded at scale by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Our efforts have produced hundreds of thousands of autonomously identified incursions that have resulted in successful law enforcement, humanitarian, and force protection outcomes. Sentry is an operationally-proven capability with hundreds of towers actively deployed around the world, and XRST is ready to serve as a force multiplier for counter intrusion missions today.

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