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Rheinmetall Supplies Over 100,000 Mortar Rounds to Spanish Army


Rheinmetall Supplies Over 100,000 Mortar Rounds to Spanish Army

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Rheinmetall Supplies Over 100,000 Mortar Rounds to Spanish Army
Rheinmetall Supplies Over 100,000 Mortar Rounds to Spanish Army

Rheinmetall has received another order from the Spanish government in the higher double-digit million euro range. The Group is to supply the Spanish army with a total of 104,000 mortar rounds in 60mm, 81mm and 120mm calibres by the end of 2025. The framework agreement concluded in the first quarter of 2024 is already the second and includes an extension option for two additional years. The mortar rounds ordered will be used by the Spanish army’s infantry units, among others, in high explosive, smoke and illumination ammunition variants. Depending on the calibre and mortar system used, they have different ranges of between 2.59 km (60mm) and 8.25 km (120mm).

Rheinmetall mortar ammunition offers increased range, enhanced precision and optimised effectiveness on target, enabling forces to effectively engage targets in difficult terrain or in urban environments. The current order from the Spanish government underlines Rheinmetall’s leading role as a systems supplier in the field of steep-fire systems. Rheinmetall, one of the world’s largest ammunition manufacturers, was recently awarded a contract to supply the Spanish army with 155mm artillery ammunition worth over €200 million.

Mortars have an important part to play in countering the terrorist threat to forward operating bases and convoys in hazardous areas of operation. Owing to improvements in range, precision and lethality, modern mortars enable troops deployed in counterinsurgency operations to engage targets successfully even in difficult terrain and built-up areas. Having an organic fire support capability can be critical here, enabling infantry units deployed in a combat, reconnaissance or monitoring role to respond to threats in a scalable manner through direct or indirect fire.

Rheinmetall’s newly developed family of 120 mm mortar ammunition sets new standards for precision and range. The shells, which contain a variety of advanced payloads, feature a state-of-the-art propelling system. Fired from our modern 120 mm mortar system, they can attain ranges of up to 8 km. Rheinmetall is now applying its extensive experience – especially in the field of explosive charges – to its 81 mm and 60 mm mortar ammunition families as well. Modern high-performance propulsion systems for mortars consist of combustible containers containing appropriate propellants that offer high performance, precision, resistance to rough handling and long-term stability combined with improved IM properties.

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