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Indonesia Chooses Naval Group to Support Building of Two Scorpène Evolved LiB Submarine


Indonesia Chooses Naval Group to Support Building of Two Scorpène Evolved LiB Submarine

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Scorpène Evolved Full Lithium-Ion Battery (LiB) submarine
Scorpène Evolved Full Lithium-Ion Battery (LiB) submarine

On March 28th 2024, Indonesia chose Naval Group and PT PAL to strengthen the capabilities of the Indonesian Navy with two Scorpène® Evolved Full Lithium-Ion battery (LiB) submarines to be built in Indonesia in PT PAL shipyard, through a transfer of technology from Naval Group. The contract includes the delivery of two Scorpène® Evolved Full LiB submarines that will be built in Indonesia within PT PAL shipyard, thanks to a proven transfer of know-how and technology from Naval Group, and reusing 100% of PT PAL assets. In accordance with the Defence Cooperation Agreement signed between the governments of France and Indonesia in August 2021, the Indonesian authorities have chosen Naval Group and PT PAL for their submarine program. The two companies had joined forces through a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) signed in February 2022.

Dr. Kaharuddin Djenod, President Director of PT PAL said: “This step is a high commitment and trust of the Indonesian government in the capability of local engineers to advancing defence technology, especially submarine technology. The government’s commitment in realizing the independence of the defence industry is also supported by the provision of Government Capital (PMN) to fully support the whole local production of submarine at PT PAL. In the future, Indonesia is expected to be able to master submarine technology.”

“Naval Group is very honoured to be part of this new chapter in the strategic alliance between Indonesia and France. With Scorpène® Evolved Full LiB, Indonesia has chosen a high-performant, sea-proven submarine that will strengthen the country’s maritime sovereignty and support the Indonesian Navy in achieving regional superiority at sea. In addition to the submarines, our strategic partnership with PT PAL will also support the Indonesian defence industry to actively prepare the future of naval warfare in the country. We are pleased to welcome the Indonesian Navy in the Scorpène® family”, Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and CEO of Naval Group.

Naval Group and PT PAL have a firm intention of pursuing cooperation not only regarding submarines, but also about building Indonesian sovereignty to the benefit of the Indonesian defence industry. Thanks to an extensive transfer of know-how and the development of Indonesian industrial specific skills, the management, operation and maintenance of the force will be conducted in Indonesia, by Indonesian actors, ensuring both the autonomy of the country and the creation of thousands of long-term high skills jobs. To this day, Naval Group and PT PAL have already signed various cooperation agreements with Indonesian partners, for the submarine program and beyond.

Naval Group and PT PAL have signed a contract with Indonesia for 2 locally built Scorpène® Evolved Full LiB submarines.
Naval Group and PT PAL have signed a contract with Indonesia for 2 locally built Scorpène® Evolved Full Lithium-Ion Battery (LiB) submarines. (Photo by Naval Group)

Scorpène® is a modern, high-performant, and stealthy submarine. Robust and enduring, it’s an oceangoing submarine also designed for shallow waters operations. Multipurpose, it fulfils the entire scope of missions such as anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, special operations, and intelligence gathering. Extremely stealthy and fast, it has a level of operating automation that allows a limited number of crew, which reduces its operating costs significantly. Its combat edge is highlighted by the fact that it has 6 weapon launching tubes, 18 weapons (torpedoes, missiles). Scorpène® is equipped with the latest generation of combat system, SUBTICS®, which addresses the growing challenges of modern submarines missions in blue and shallow waters in the entire domain of submarine warfare.

The Indonesian Scorpène® submarines will be fitted with a cutting-edge energy system based on a full lithium-ion configuration which encompasses the highest security and safety standards and allows a higher range of useful energy, a better indiscretion rate and a reduced charging time. Thanks to this technology, high speed is available no matter the state of charge, increasing the submarine tactical mobility. In addition to these two Indonesian Scorpene® submarines, 14 other units designed and adapted by Naval Group for the export market are in operational service or under construction around the world: 2 for the Chilean Navy, 2 for the Malaysian Navy, 4 for the Brazilian Navy and 6 for the Indian Navy. These successes demonstrate both Naval Group’s ability to supply best-in-class submarines and to transfer technology successfully.

The final configuration of the submarine is adapted to meet the specific needs of navies and incorporate the latest innovations.
Scorpène® Evolved main characteristics:
Surfaced displacement: 1,600 – 2,000 tons ;
Length, overall: 72 m ;
Submerged speed: >20 knots ;
Diving depth: >300 m ;
Autonomy: >78 days on a 80 days mission ;
Submerged autonomy: >12 days ;
Crew: 31 ;
Weapons total payload: 18 ;
Weapon tubes: 6 ;
SUBTICS combat management system ;
Operational availability at sea: >240 days per year.

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