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ISD Receives Contract to Upgrade Indonesian Navy Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)


ISD Receives Contract to Upgrade Indonesian Navy Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

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ISD Receives Contract to Upgrade Indonesian Navy Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)
ISD Receives Contract to Upgrade Indonesian Navy Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

The US Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) has recently inked a significant Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract aimed at upgrading the surveillance capabilities of three aircraft in the Indonesian Navy’s fleet. Oregon-based Integrated Surveillance and Defense (ISD) secured the contract, which entails the enhancement of two Dirgantara CN-235-220/CN-235-220 MP maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) and the modification of one King Air 350i aircraft with advanced maritime surveillance systems. The comprehensive upgrade package provided by ISD will include the installation and integration of cutting-edge components such as maritime surveillance radar, electro-optical/infrared sensors, airborne Automatic Identification System (AIS), mission management systems (MMS), and robust datalink communications. The contract, spanning a period of 24 months, is set to significantly bolster the Indonesian Navy’s capabilities in maritime reconnaissance and surveillance.

The CN-235-220 MPA, an integral component of Indonesia’s naval aviation center, boasts impressive operational specifications including a speed of 236 knots (437 km/h), a service ceiling of 25,000 ft (7,620 m), and an extensive range of 1,565 nautical miles (2,898 km). Powered by two General Electric CT7-9C turboprop engines, these aircraft have been pivotal in supporting Indonesia’s maritime security efforts. Originating as a collaborative effort between CASA of Spain (now Airbus) and Indonesian manufacturer IPTN (now PTDI), the CN-235 aircraft serves diverse roles ranging from regional airliner to military transport. Indonesia emerged as a significant early adopter of the CN-235, with substantial orders from its armed forces. Notably, the Indonesian Air Force and Navy placed substantial orders for the aircraft, including configurations tailored for maritime surveillance.

The recent contract with ISD marks another milestone in the ongoing modernization efforts of the Indonesian Navy’s aviation capabilities. With the incorporation of state-of-the-art surveillance systems, these upgraded aircraft will play a crucial role in safeguarding Indonesia’s vast maritime territories and enhancing its maritime domain awareness. In light of escalating security challenges in the maritime domain, investments in advanced surveillance technologies are paramount. The collaboration between ISD and the Indonesian Navy underscores a strategic partnership aimed at bolstering maritime security and enhancing regional stability. As the upgrade project progresses over the next two years, it is poised to significantly elevate Indonesia’s capabilities in maritime surveillance and reconnaissance, further solidifying its position as a key maritime player in the region.

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