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Orbit Integrates AI Connectivity in Satellite Communication Systems


Orbit Integrates AI Connectivity in Satellite Communication Systems

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Orbit Integrates AI Connectivity in Satellite Communication Systems
Orbit Integrates AI Connectivity in Satellite Communication Systems

Orbit Communications Systems Inc., a global provider of maritime and airborne satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals, tracking ground station solutions, and mission-critical airborne audio management systems, unveiled a significant technological advancement on Wednesday. This development involves the integration of AI capabilities across its entire portfolio of SATCOM systems for land, air, and sea. The AI implementation is designed to continuously monitor and analyse the performance of these systems. It enables early detection of potential malfunctions, even in remote locations, allowing for timely preventive maintenance and repairs while ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. This proactive approach ensures maximum reliability, sustained peak performance, and continuous connectivity without the need for extensive maintenance or significant downtime.

The AI capability is applicable across Orbit’s entire product range, including the Multi-Purpose SATCOM terminal for air platforms and small vessels, the OceanTRx family of SATCOM terminals for naval platforms, and the GAIA family of Earth Observation Systems. These advanced AI capabilities bolster reliability and early-stage malfunction alerts across Orbit’s Ground Stations, Earth Observation systems, and maritime, and airborne SATCOM terminals, guaranteeing continuous connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit, stating, “High-speed continuous communication has become a demand in both the military and the commercial markets. We are not just integrating AI into our systems; we are redefining the essence of connectivity across air, land, and sea. Our clients, whether in remote areas or deep in the sea, now have the assurance of a system that not only predicts issues before they arise but adapts to ensure uninterrupted service. This leap in technology is a testament to our commitment to provide the most trustworthy and advanced systems for our clients. This level of proactive maintenance is revolutionary in the field of satellite communications, setting a new standard for reliability and customer satisfaction.”

Orbit Communication Systems Ltd., a leading global provider of airborne communications and satellite-tracking maritime and ground-station solutions, is helping to expand and redefine how we connect. You’ll find Orbit systems on airliners and jet fighters, cruise ships and navy vessels, ground stations and offshore platforms. We deliver innovative, cost-effective and highly reliable solutions to commercial operators, major air forces and navies, space agencies and emerging New Space companies.

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