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MD Helicopters Rebadges MD 530F Helicopter as TH/AH530 Platform


MD Helicopters Rebadges MD 530F Helicopter as TH/AH530 Platform

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MD Helicopter Unveils TH530/AH530 Military Helicopter Platform
MD Helicopter TH530/AH530 Military Helicopter Platform

MD Helicopters LLC (MDH) is returning to the biannual Singapore Airshow in Singapore from February 20 to 25. The company’s booth will be located in the USA Partnership Pavilion. MDH showcases its four-seat expandable combat multi-mission TH/AH530 product line at the show. This combat-proven line of military helicopters is exceptionally agile, reliable, and powerful with lethally accurate weapons capability. The aircraft features superior speed, agility, and maneuverability, even at high-density altitudes, with unmatched confined area performance. The integrated mission system designed by MDH incorporates qualified weapon systems produced by L3H, Moog, and Curtiss Wright. This significantly improves situational awareness and allows flexibility for customers to select proven armament systems from suppliers such as Dillon, FN Herstal, and others.

MD Helicopters (MDH) has rebadged its MD 530F rotorcraft as the TH530 and AH530 for the military trainer and light attack markets respectively. The move to rebadge MDH’s version of the “Little Bird” came some 11 months after the company told Janes in March 2023 that it was consolidating the different platforms it had previously marketed to military customers, focusing instead on MD 500 conversions to the MD 530 standard and newbuild MD 530 airframes only. MDH have now updated its designations of military product line. The company have the TH530, which is a trainer; the AH530 (formerly Cayuse Warrior), which is the attack helicopter; and the AH530 Block II (formerly Cayuse Warrior Plus (WP and/or MD 530F+) is the attack helicopter with precision weapons (BAE Systems Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System) APKWS (guided rockets), and optional Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire guided missiles.

TH530 Trainer
TH530 Trainer. (Photo by MD Helicopters, LLC)

The battlefield-proven TH530/AH530 line of military helicopters delivers an exceptionally agile, powerful, and reliable helicopter with lethally accurate weapons capability. Designed to quickly expand from a trainer configuration to full weapons systems capabilities, the aircraft features superior speed, agility, and maneuverability, even in high density altitudes, with unmatched confined area performance.MDH specifications give the baseline TH/AH530 a maximum gross weight of 1,700 kg, a useful load of 780 kg, a service ceiling of 16,000 ft, a hover-in-ground effect of 14,400 ft, a hover-out-of-ground effect of 14,000 ft, a range of 574 km, and a maximum cruise speed of 110 kt.

The TH530 Trainer is the training version of the AH530 line. Ideal for training and performing pilot recurrency, the helicopter comes fully equipped with military interior and a Garmin glass cockpit for direct transfer of skills to the AH530. In its baseline guise the TH530 includes heavy landing gear, provision for an electro-optical/infrared sensor, a military interior, an emergency locator transmitter, and other relevant systems. The TH530 is based on the company’s popular MD530 light-single, but comes with a range of enhancements that enable the helicopter to be quickly reconfigured to an AH530 light-attack/scout standard, or a more heavily armed AH530 Block II.

AH530 Light Attack Scout
AH530 Light Attack Scout. (Photo by MD Helicopters, LLC)

The AH530 Light Attack Scout is delivered mission-ready with a 3-station System Integrated Weapons Management System (WMS). Day/night capable with night vision imaging system, the AH530 Light Attack Scout can be 100% lethal within 24 hours of arrival in country. The AH530 Block II delivers the capabilities of larger precision attack helicopters in a smaller, more agile package at a much lower cost. Integrated with the FLIR MX-10D, the Block II is day/night capable with APKWS, Aircraft Recording System (Cockpit Voice, Radio Calls, & Video), Mission Management System (MMS), Guns And Rockets (GNR), Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS), Mission Management System (MMS), Guns And Rockets (GNR), & Laser Guided Rockets (LGR) Software for E-SMCan Advanced Integrated Moog Weapons Stores Management System (SMS) and optional Hellfire capabilities.

MD Helicopters, LLC. (formerly McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems) is an American aerospace manufacturer. It produces light utility helicopters for commercial and military use. The company was a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft until 1984, when McDonnell Douglas acquired it and renamed it McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems. It later became MD Helicopters in 1999 after McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing. By March 2022, the manufacturer filed for US Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for restructuration, to be acquired by a creditor consortium led by Bardin Hill Investment Partners and MBIA Insurance, providing around $60 million of financing as debtors. MD Helicopters is building upon a tradition of excellence that is unmatched in the rotorcraft industry. With more than 1,500 aircraft currently in service around the world, MD Helicopters is a substantial company by any measure.

AH530 Block II light attack scout
AH530 Block II light attack scout. (Photo by MD Helicopters, LLC)

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