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ST Engineering Unveils Terrex S5 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle


ST Engineering Unveils Terrex S5 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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ST Engineering Unveils Terrex S5 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
ST Engineering Unveils Terrex S5 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

ST Engineering, the leading force in Singapore’s defense industry, has introduced the latest advancement in armoured platforms at the 2024 Singapore Airshow. The unveiling of the Terrex S5 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle marks a significant stride towards enhanced operational performance and intelligence capabilities. Originally established as a platform for the aviation sector, the Singapore Airshow has evolved to encompass various defense-related equipment and technologies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that ST Engineering chose this prestigious event to debut its latest innovation. The Terrex S5, aptly named to signify its Smartness, Superiority, Sustainability, Survivability, and Serviceability, embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and advanced functionalities.

One of the standout features of the Terrex S5 is its integrated electronic architecture designed to maximize intelligence within the vehicle. With a unified cockpit where the driver and commander sit side by side, equipped with state-of-the-art displays and intuitive controls, the vehicle ensures seamless interaction and heightened situational awareness. Leveraging the expertise of ST Engineering’s cybersecurity unit, the vehicle also boasts robust protection against cyber threats. The incorporation of advanced image processing capabilities enhances the crew’s perception, providing a realistic and immersive environment crucial for effective decision-making, particularly in challenging terrains. Furthermore, the vehicle’s enhanced imaging systems enable obstacle detection and low-light image enhancement, significantly augmenting survivability and operational efficiency.

The Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) is an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) developed by ST Engineering of Singapore and Timoney Technology of Ireland, and produced by ST Engineering Land Systems (a corporate subsidiary of ST Engineering) for the Singapore Army as well as by Turkish auto-maker Otokar (manufacturing it under a license) as the Yavuz (AV-82) for the Turkish military. The Terrex’s mass is approximately 25 to 30 tonnes and the vehicle is built on an 8×8 wheeler chassis with modern military vehicle armour. Multiple-type weapon platforms are supported on the vehicle, including both remote-type weapon systems and overhead weapon stations (OWSs). the Terrex is of modular design with various levels of armour protection and weapon systems being marketed up to a gross vehicle weight of 24,000 kg.

To power its extensive array of capabilities, the Terrex S5 is equipped with a robust onboard electric system, including a high-output alternator and lithium-ion batteries. This ensures optimal distribution of power, vital for supporting diverse mission requirements. In addition to its formidable capabilities, the Terrex S5 offers versatility with various configuration options, including fire support variants and an amphibious version, catering to a range of operational needs. The vehicle’s design prioritizes crew safety, with advanced protection levels against ballistic threats and blast events, further augmented by the option to integrate an active protection system. Moreover, the Terrex S5 emphasizes serviceability, featuring onboard diagnostics and smart maintainability features to streamline maintenance processes and enhance the overall user experience.

the Terrex s5 differentiates itself from its predecessors with the greater utilisation of smart mission systems, such as automatic target detection and tracking capabilities and the ability to carry out manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) operations with unmanned aerial and ground vehicles. Powered by 711 hp turbo diesel engines, the Terrex s5 has a maximum speed of 120 km/h and an onroad range of about 1,000 km. With a hybrid power option, the vehicle can achieve a silent range of 50 km for last-mile stealth operations when driven in electric mode. Similar to its predecessor the Terrex 3, the Terrex s5 has a gross vehicle weight of 35,000 kg. However, it can carry a slightly heavier payload of 13,000 kg compared with the 12,000 kg payload of the Terrex 3 and it can accommodate a crew of two plus 10 troopers.

Leveraging insights from the production of the Hunter armoured fighting vehicle, ST Engineering has optimized manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and accuracy. Intended to replace the Singapore Army’s aging Ultra M113 armoured personnel carriers, it was commissioned in 2019. Underlining its commitment to sustainability, ST Engineering has laid the groundwork for hybrid electric propulsion, aligning with ongoing advancements in eco-friendly technologies. By embracing hybrid solutions, the company aims to enhance operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. As the Terrex S5 embarks on trials abroad, it represents a paradigm shift in armoured platforms, setting new standards for performance, intelligence, and sustainability in modern warfare.

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