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AtlasTETHER Successfully Tested in Zero Satellites or Jamming Mode


AtlasTETHER Successfully Tested in Zero Satellites or Jamming Mode

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AtlasTETHER Successfully Tested in Zero Satellites or Jamming Mode
AtlasTETHER Successfully Tested in Zero Satellites or Jamming Mode

AtlasTETHER, a unique, tethered drone that’s part of the ATLAS ECOSYSTEM, allows users to carry out missions with zero satellites or jamming, as well as to exchange data with other devices in the MESH network. ATLAS has recently tested AtlasTETHER in Ukraine. The purpose of this test was to demonstrate the ability of the UAV to provide continuous monitoring of the area around a strategic facility while hovering in the air with the electronic warfare gun in operation. In addition, AtlasTETHER enabled transmission of a live stream from the location to the command center. AtlasTETHER is an unmanned system that can provide power to a drone not from a battery but from a cable adapted to the drone. This allows the user to continuously maintain visibility of the required area with a wide viewing angle within 10 km. During the test, AtlasTETHER was launched to a height of 70 meters.

ATLAS CEO Ivan Tolchinsky said: “Testing devices in real conditions is much tougher than any simulated ones, which gives us a unique experience. As a result of the test, we confirmed that AtlasTETHER doesn’t need GPS. The system works well and consistently even when there is no signal because of optical flow technology.”

The 20x hybrid zoom and the 10x digital zoom allow the user to see a detailed picture and to display a visual grid to define the target. In addition, the utilize of a thermal camera allows for observation at night. Then communications, including all 19 satellites, were jammed. Thanks to the optical flow technology implemented by AtlasTETHER engineers, the device held its position and did not succumb to spoofing, and the picture remained stable. AtlasTETHER will become an indispensable system for monitoring strategic military objects, frontline positions, critical infrastructure facilities, or places with large crowds of people, as it can instantaneously transmit live images to the command center.

In addition, AtlasTETHER is an ATAK device and works in a single ATLAS ECOSYSTEM, receiving data and transmitting data to other devices. This allows for monitoring territory over long distances. Thanks to MESH technology, one system can support others and can provide stable communication until the completion of a multi-level mission or the achievement of a goal. Optical flow technology is also used in AtlasPRO drones, which allows them to carry out missions in areas with a complete absence of satellites and with communications suppression.

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