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New Zealand Defence Force Orders Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensors


New Zealand Defence Force Orders Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensors

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New Zealand Defence Force Orders Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensors
New Zealand Defence Force Orders Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensors

EPE New Zealand Limited (EPE), in collaboration with Bertin Exensor, has been awarded a contract by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence to provide the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) with Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R & S) capabilities as part of the Networked Enabled Army (NEA) Programme. EPE will deliver the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor UGS system designed by Bertin Exensor to enhance situational awareness and support deployed command decisionmaking across all echelons of command. Through a Master Supply Agreement, specialist training and ongoing associated through life support will be delivered locally in New Zealand as part of the contract by EPE. The contract will provide New Zealand Army personnel with a scalable and modular sensing platform that provides real-time situational awareness, early warning andidentification of potential threats, enhancing commanders’ abilities to make quick, fact-based decisions and take necessary action. A proven capability, Bertin Exensor sensors are in-service or trial with a number of countries including the UK, Australia, USA and several NATO countries.

Andy Cross, General Manager of EPE New Zealand Limited said,”An essential requirement is the demonstrated capacity and capability to deliver the equipment and training, and commit to the ongoing maintenance and support. As a team, EPE and Bertin Exensor have the unique ability to achieve this. We also aim to equip soldiers with technology that not only provides strategic advantage, but also enhances decision-making while safeguarding them from threats.”

Marcus Rosenqvist, VP Sales & Marketing of Bertin Exensor AB said,”In recent years, the use and need of the Flexnet UGS technology among forces worldwide has increased rapidly. Bertin Exensor is proud to be selected together with EPE for the supply of the latest generation of Flexnet UGS.”

BERTIN EXENSOR is a world-leading supplier of Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems. Designed by BERTIN EXENSOR, the Flexnet UGS system combines intelligence collected by seismic, acoustic, magnetic, and TI sensors to detect, identify and classify threats and targets. Flexnet is perfectly suited to military and civilian applications such as force protection, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), and monitoring of critical assets and sensitive areas. Bertin Exensor now counts over 60 employees, with facilities located both in Sweden and the United-Kingdom. Since 2017, the company is part of the French group Bertin Technologies, a well-known actor in the Defense & Security market.

BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES is a French industrial group in high-end instrumentation that designs and manufactures, in France and in Europe, measurement, observation and detection systems and instruments for critical or scientific applications. Every day, Bertin Technologies pursues technological advances in the fields of Nuclear, Defense, Space, Big Science, Life Sciences and Health. Its 600 employees share a desire for excellence, in the service of remarkable and innovative technological solutions. Its 2022 turnover amounts to 120 million euros. Based in Paris Region, Bertin Technologies Group comprises 3 brands – Bertin Instruments, Bertin Photonics and Bertin Health and Life Sciences – and has operational subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland) and the United States.

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