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Mehler Protection Introduces ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton


Mehler Protection Introduces ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton

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Mehler Protection Introduces ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton
Mehler Protection Introduces ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton

Mehler Protection, an innovative brand under the Mehler Systems banner, proudly announces the launch of the ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton. Crafted through a collaborative effort with Mawashi Science & Technology, this revolutionary product sets new standards in weight management and ballistic protection for military and law enforcement sectors. The ExoM Exoskeleton revolutionises the experience for military and law enforcement personnel facing extended wear of heavy equipment and demanding high-level ballistic protection. By redistributing up to 70% of the load from the shoulders to the ground, this technology alleviates physical strain, and mitigates injuries, allowing operators to focus on their duties.

“We’ve harnessed our expertise to engineer a product that not only redistributes load effectively but also enhances survivability with top-tier ballistic protection, offering full-body coverage up to VPAM 8. The ExoM stands as a testament to our collaborative dedication to advancing technology, delivering a revolutionary solution for military and law enforcement professionals through the integrated expertise,” said Daniel von Chamier, Group Director of Sales at Mehler Systems.

“Collaborating with Mehler Protection on the ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton has been an exciting journey for Mawashi Science & Technology. Our focus on engineering the framework and structural innovation of the Exoskeleton has seamlessly merged with Mehler Protection’s expertise in ballistic protection, resulting in a groundbreaking product that sets new benchmarks in weight management and ballistic protection,” said Etienne Lamoureux, General Manager of Mawashi Science & Technology.

ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton
ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton. (Photo by Mehler Protection)

Boasting exceptional load-bearing capabilities, the ExoM Exoskeleton enhances survivability by providing high-level ballistic protection. Equipped with a flexible spine, sliding waist belt, and articulated hip, knee, and ankle joints, the ExoM Exoskeleton ensures operators maintain up to 99% ease and range of motion. This flexibility proves vital for navigating challenging terrains and confined spaces. Functioning as a passive Exoskeleton, it operates without the need for external power sources. This feature makes it perfect for extended missions or remote locations, eliminating the necessity for heavy batteries and charging equipment. Mehler Protection remains at the forefront of innovation in ballistic protection.

Mehler Protection, a leader in ballistic protection solutions, is dedicated to a simple yet profound mission: safeguarding lives and providing peace of mind. The company offers a comprehensive range of meticulously engineered solutions, dedicated to protecting both individuals and diverse operational platforms. Catering to the needs of law enforcement, military professionals, and security personnel, Mehler Protection’s products are thoughtfully designed to ensure resilience and reliability even in the most demanding environments. Mehler Protection is an integral part of the Mehler Systems family, benefiting from the rich heritage and expertise that the name represents. As a sub-brand within Mehler Systems, Mehler Protection is deeply committed to upholding the values and principles that have defined the Mehler Systems brand for decades.

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