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Anschütz German Navigation Equipment Key in Modernizing 41 Indonesian Naval Warships


Anschütz German Navigation Equipment Key in Modernizing 41 Indonesian Naval Warships

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Anschütz German Navigation Equipment Key in Modernizing 41 Indonesian Naval Warships
Anschütz German Navigation Equipment Key in Modernizing 41 Indonesian Naval Warships

Defense industries in Indonesia have partnered with the German navigation technology provider, Anschütz, to refurbish and modernize 41 naval warships (KRI), including submarines. In this modernization process, Anschütz emphasizes technology transfer, particularly in maintaining and training ship navigation systems, collaborating with the local company PT Cipta Teknologi Persada. The CEO of PT Cipta Teknologi Persada, Asmui Mansur, confirmed the collaboration between his company and Anschütz, signed on 9 November in Jakarta. The collaboration agreement includes a training program designed by Anschütz for Indonesian technicians. Asmui mentioned that this education and training would involve maintenance aspects and engage the Indonesian Navy personnel.

Anschütz technology is widely used in Indonesian warships, recognized for its navigation technology, including gyro inertial systems, warship electronic chart display and information systems (WECDIS), and integrated bridge and navigation systems (IBNS). Ron Lee Chor Yong, Anschütz’s CEO for ASEAN and Far East, welcomed the collaboration, emphasizing product availability as a key factor in modernization, especially during transitions from peace to emergency situations. Regarding technology transfer, Ron explained the company’s future business direction aimed at involving small-scale Indonesian companies in small-scale assembly.The Indonesian Ministry of Defense has appointed PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) as the lead integrator (main contractor) in the project to revamp the 41 Indonesian Navy naval warships.

Kaharuddin Djenod, CEO of PT PAL Indonesia, stated in the company’s official release on November 2, 2022, that PT PAL not only acts as the sole contractor but also seeks to explore the potential of the maritime industry in Indonesia, particularly shipyards domestically. The ship rejuvenation project undertaken in a multi-year scheme includes various classes of ships. It involves ship conversion, installation of surface-to-surface missiles (SSM), and the integration of weapons within the Combat Management System (CMS), along with repowering systems to restore original functions and enhance the performance of main combat ships. For similar warships like the Fast Missile Boat (KCR) and the Frigate (PKR) classes, the navigation and communication systems are also set for modernization.

Anschütz (formerly Raytheon Anschütz) is the world’s leading expert in ship navigation systems and maritime solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. The company was founded in 1905 by Dr. Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe after he invented the gyro compass for ships. Supported by Albert Einstein, Anschütz continued to develop the gyro compass over the years until 1925 when production of the well-known two-gyro compass began. Over the decades, Anschütz was able to revolutionize shipping with numerous innovations, including the so-called iron helmsman, the chart plotter, the track control system and the first integrated navigation system with type approval. Later Anschütz expanded the product range to include radar systems and electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS), and developed into an integrator of customer-specific, sophisticated bridge systems and mission systems.

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