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Philippine Department of National Defense Confirms Acquisition of Three C-130J Super Hercules Aircraft

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Philippine Department of National Defense Confirms Acquisition of Three C-130J Super Hercules Aircraft

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The Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) has officially announced the commencement of the acquisition process for three Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 “Super Hercules” aircraft. These strategic acquisitions represent a significant enhancement to the capabilities of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), further strengthening the country’s military and defense operations. The acquisition project, which commenced in 2021 as part of the Second Horizon of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program, has now entered a crucial phase with the issuance of the Notice to Proceed. Lockheed Martin, a renowned American aerospace, arms defense, information security, and technology corporation, has been awarded the contract to supply the C-130J-30 aircraft, a decision that underscores the long-standing commitment to quality and innovation in the defense sector.

DND spokesperson Arsenio Andolong, in an official statement, outlined the anticipated delivery timeline for the new aircraft. The first C-130J is scheduled to arrive in July 2026, followed by the second aircraft in October of the same year. The third and final aircraft is expected to join the Philippine Air Force fleet in January 2027. The contract for the procurement of these three C-130J-30 aircraft is valued at PHP22.2 billion, reflecting the government’s investment in strengthening its defense capabilities. One of the standout features of the C-130J-30 is its expanded cargo capacity. This, coupled with the reliability of the existing C-130 aircraft in the PAF’s fleet, promises greater operational flexibility, enabling the Philippine Air Force to effectively meet the demands of the AFP’s tactical missions.

Arsenio Andolong emphasized the crucial role of the PAF’s C-130 fleet in supporting humanitarian assistance, disaster relief efforts, and military operations. He highlighted that the addition of the C-130J-30 to the PAF’s inventory represents a significant leap forward in achieving a credible defense posture, enhancing the nation’s readiness to respond to a wide range of security challenges. As the Philippines continues its commitment to modernizing and enhancing its defense capabilities, the acquisition of the C-130J-30 “Super Hercules” aircraft stands as a testament to the nation’s dedication to safeguarding its sovereignty and contributing to regional security. The introduction of these advanced aircraft will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in ensuring the country’s preparedness and resilience in the face of emerging threats and challenges.

The Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. The C-130J is a comprehensive update of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, with new engines, flight deck, and other systems. The C-130J is the newest version of the C-130 Hercules, and the only model currently in production. Externally similar to the classic Hercules in general appearance, the J-model features considerably updated technology. These differences include new Rolls-Royce AE 2100 D3 turboprop engines, Dowty R391 six-bladed composite scimitar propellers that have blade tips swept by 35 degrees, digital avionics, and reduced crew requirements. These changes have improved performance over its C-130E/H predecessors, such as 40% greater range, 21% higher maximum speed, and 41% shorter takeoff distance. The J-model is available in a standard-length or stretched -30 variant.

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