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Indonesian Defense Industry Exports 500 Training Bombs to Vietnam People’s Air Force


Indonesian Defense Industry Exports 500 Training Bombs to Vietnam People’s Air Force

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Indonesian Defense Industry Exports 500 Training Bombs to Vietnam People's Air Force
Indonesian Defense Industry Exports 500 Training Bombs to Vietnam People's Air Force

An Indonesian defense industry company, PT Sari Bahari, has successfully exported 500 training bombs to the Vietnamese military. The P-100 Practice was exported to Vietnam in August 2023. In five years, the company will not only be able to make conventional bombs, but also smart bombs. ForumMiliter reported that the P-100 Practice is a training ammunition for fighter jets. The bomb is planned to be used for training Vietnam People’s Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MK2(V) fighter jets. This bomb made in Indonesia is used as an alternative for the routine training needs of the VDAF fighter pilots, especially to improve the combat capabilities of MiG and Sukhoi fighter pilots.

The P-100P training bomb has a local content level of 82.77 percent, according to a survey by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin).The bomb was first produced in 2007 and then developed in collaboration with the Indonesian Air Force’s Research and Development Agency. The export is significant for Indonesia, which is increasing the production of domestically produced weapons systems. The export of 500 training bombs to Vietnam is a significant achievement for the Indonesian defense industry. It is a sign that Indonesia is making progress in its efforts to become self-sufficient in the production of weapons systems.

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 P-100 Training Bomb
P-100 Training Bomb. (Photo by PT Sari Bahari)

The reason why the Vietnamese socialist government chose to purchase Indonesian defense equipment. The VDAF has Sukhoi Su-30MK2(V) fighter jets and PT Sari Bahari has been able to produce training ammunition that meets these standards. Another reason is that Indonesia and Vietnam have defense cooperation. The export also reflects the growing cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam in the defense sector. The Indonesian government is committed to supporting the development of the domestic defense industry. This is important for Indonesia’s national security and for promoting economic growth.

PT. Sari Bahari was founded in 1993 by Ir. Ricky Hendrik Egam. Our company is a private company that was appointed and granted permission for production of defense equipment from the Indonesian Defence Ministry. PT. Sari Bahari is an active member in Indonesian Private Defense Company Association (Pinhantanas), and already registered on NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE), which placed PT. Sari Bahari into NATO global supply chain (Number : 0479Z). At present PT . Sari Bahari is producing of defense equipment such as: Practice Bomb, Live Bomb, BNL-250 Practice Bomb for NATO Aircraft, Warhead 70 & 80 mm, Rocketpod(Launcher) 7 Tube, Jet Engine Target Drone “Jalak” and Missile Target Drone “Petir”. PT. Sari Bahari has workshops covering an area of 10.000 Sqm located in the area around Air Base Indonesian Force, PT. Sari Bahari currently employing 180 professionals.

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