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Ryan Aerospace Awarded US Navy Contract to Supply Flight Simulators


Ryan Aerospace Awarded US Navy Contract to Supply Flight Simulators

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Ryan Aerospace Awarded US Navy Contract to Supply Flight Simulators
Ryan Aerospace Awarded US Navy Contract to Supply Flight Simulators

The United States Department of Defense continues to seek innovative solutions to enhance its training programs. RYAN AEROSPACE, based in Australia, has proven time and again to be a reliable partner in this quest for excellence. Their recent triumph in securing a major contract through Prime Contractor Vertex Solutions, LLC, to supply the US Navy with advanced Extended Reality (XR) flight simulators is not just a win for the company but a leap forward in the realm of military aviation training. Under this USD$28 million deal, RYAN AEROSPACE is set to provide the US Navy with fifty Immersive Training Devices (ITDs), which are essentially XR flight simulators. These cutting-edge simulators are poised to be a crucial component of the Naval Aviation Training Next (ATN) program. This marks a significant step towards modernizing the Navy’s undergraduate pilot training program and, in turn, strengthening the nation’s aircrew production capabilities.

The selection of RYAN AEROSPACE for this contract is well-justified, considering the remarkable versatility of their ITD technology. These simulators can be seamlessly adapted to a wide range of aircraft platforms, offering unparalleled flexibility in training scenarios. This adaptability ensures that the Navy can efficiently cater to the diverse needs of its pilot training programs without the need for extensive modifications or additional investments. Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of this procurement is the promise of improved efficiency and cost savings. The ITDs provided by RYAN AEROSPACE have the potential to revolutionize aviation training by significantly reducing the time and resources required for preparing new pilots. This efficiency translates into not just monetary savings but also a more streamlined process for training the next generation of naval aviators.

Chris Ryan, the Managing Director of RYAN AEROSPACE, expressed his enthusiasm for winning this contract, highlighting the company’s history of groundbreaking work on the Pilot Training Transformation Program (PTT). This program has already delivered close to 300 virtual reality training devices, all designed with an eye toward the future. The adaptability of these devices allows for a rapid and cost-effective transformation into mixed reality simulators for various aircraft, ensuring a long-term investment that benefits both the government and taxpayers. The timeline for the delivery of these advanced simulators is impressive. Within the next twelve months, the US Navy can anticipate having access to state-of-the-art XR flight simulators that will undoubtedly elevate their training programs.

RYAN AEROSPACE’s collaboration with partners like Varjo, FoxGuard Solutions, TakeFlight, and ASTi underscores the collective commitment to innovation and excellence in pilot training. By harnessing the expertise of multiple entities, the US Department of Defense can anticipate a holistic and robust approach to training the pilots who will safeguard the nation’s security. RYAN AEROSPACE’s latest achievement in securing the contract to provide the US Navy with XR flight simulators represents a significant milestone in the realm of military aviation training. Their ITD technology promises enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and adaptability, all of which are crucial for preparing the next generation of naval aviators. This partnership underscores the unwavering commitment to excellence in military training and reinforces RYAN AEROSPACE’s reputation as a leading innovator in the field. As these XR flight simulators become a reality, the US Navy can look forward to a brighter, more efficient future in pilot training.

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