Polish Army Unveils New Gladius Artillery Strike-Reconnaissance System
Polish Army Unveils New Gladius Artillery Strike-Reconnaissance System

Polish Army Unveils New Gladius Artillery Strike-Reconnaissance System

The Polish Army has unveiled its new Gladius artillery strike-reconnaissance system, a mobile, networked platform that combines the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and loitering munitions. The Gladius system consists of a commander’s vehicle, a mobile launcher vehicle, and a variety of UAVs, including the FT-5 tactical UAV and the BSP-U strike UAV. The launcher vehicle can also carry other types of UAVs, such as the Warmate 2 loitering munition. The Gladius system is designed to provide the Polish army with a long-range, precision-strike capability. The UAVs can be used to conduct reconnaissance and target acquisition, while the loitering munitions can be used to engage targets at ranges of up to 100 kilometers.

The Gladius system is also designed to be networked with other systems in the Polish Army, such as the Topaz combat management system. This will allow the system to share information and coordinate operations with other elements of the Polish armed forces. The Gladius system was developed by WB Group and the first components were delivered to the army’s 18th Artillery Regiment in December 2022. The first complete Gladius battery is scheduled to be delivered in 2024.The development and deployment of the Gladius system is a significant step forward for the Polish army. The system will provide the Polish army with a much-needed long-range, precision-strike capability, which will improve its ability to defend itself against both conventional and asymmetric threats.

GLADIUS unmanned reconnaissance and strike system
GLADIUS unmanned reconnaissance and strike system. (Photo by WB GROUP)

The delivery of the first BSP-UTs is a major milestone in the development of the GLADIUS system. The training package will allow the Polish army to start training the operator teams before the next deliveries of system components. This will ensure that the system is fully operational as soon as it is delivered. The GLADIUS system is a state-of-the-art system that will provide the Polish army with a significant increase in its capabilities. The system’s combination of UAVs and loitering munitions will give the Polish army a long-range, precision-strike capability that will be essential for defending the country against a variety of threats.

As part of the implementation of the first phase of the GLADIUS program, on May 6th, 2022, an agreement was concluded between the Armaments Agency and WB GROUP for the delivery of GLADIUS combat modules of the unmanned reconnaissance and strike systems along with training and logistics packages. This includes, in particular, the neutralization of enemy’s reconnaissance and command systems, as well as anti-access systems and conducting counter-battery fire. The GLADIUS combat module will be used to engage targets at a distance to 100 km, and for reconnaissance missions with the use of FT-5 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle systems. The system effectors are BSP-U GLADIUS reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicles, integrated with the TOPAZ integrated combat management system used by the Polish Armed Forces.

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