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Malaysian Aerospace Firm AIROD Signs Maintenance Support Agreements with Gulf Air Group


Malaysian Aerospace Firm AIROD Signs Maintenance Support Agreements with Gulf Air Group

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L-382G aircraft, commercial variant of C-130 Hercules
L-382G aircraft, commercial variant of C-130 Hercules

Malaysian aerospace firm Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Overhaul Depot Sdn Bhd (AIROD) has recently forged two significant Maintenance Support Agreements (MSA) with Florida-based aviation business Gulf Air Group, Inc. (GA). The signing took place at AIROD Headquarters in Subang, Malaysia on July 29, 2023. Gulf Air Group, Inc. boasts over 35 years of experience in the aviation industry, operating under FAA 14 CFR Parts 145 (Repair Station) and 125 (Large Aircraft Operations). The company has made its mark by specializing in the maintenance and operation of L-382 aircraft, which represents the commercial variant of the renowned Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft. Gulf Air Group offers multi-mission large aircraft solutions, providing maintenance, cargo, technical expertise, and research services to clients worldwide.

Under the newly inked agreements, AIROD will lend its equipment, tools, and highly skilled maintenance support specialists to facilitate Gulf Air’s operations and maintenance of its L-382G aircraft, which are currently serving in the greater ASEAN region. Additionally, Gulf Air will undertake the maintenance responsibilities for a customer’s Lockheed Martin LM100J aircraft, and AIROD will extend its support in this endeavor as well. These MSAs are the fruitful outcome of year-long discussions and collaboration between AIROD and Gulf Air Group. The partnership is expected to pave the way for more comprehensive maintenance services, including airframe maintenance, aircraft painting, and engine maintenance for the L-382G and LM100J aircraft.The agreements mark a significant step forward in the aviation industry, fostering a stronger bond between AIROD and Gulf Air Group, Inc.

AIROD was established in 1976 as the first and only in-country military depot level maintenance facility to support the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) aircraft, its associated engines, aero components and avionics. In 1984, AIROD Sdn Bhd (AIROD) was incorporated as a joint venture between Aerospace Industries Malaysia (AIM – now known as National Aerospace and Defense Industries Sdn Bhd or NADI), and Lockheed Martin Systems International (LASI) of USA. After being privatized in 1985, AIROD became an authorized Lockheed Martin Hercules Service Center in 1986. Since privatization, AIROD has provided MRO services to 76 customers of combined military and commercial aircraft from 33 countries by providing world class quality depot level maintenance, aircraft customization, modifications which includes structural and avionics upgrades.

Gulf Air Group, Inc. is a Florida based aviation business operating under 14 CFR Parts 145 and 125. The company specialize in the maintenance and operation of the L-382, providing multi-mission large aircraft solutions for maintenance, cargo, technical expertise, and research (RDT&E) for clients worldwide. Gulf Air Group brings over 25 years of expertise to clients requiring maintenance for and operational employment of large aircraft. The company business focuses on high-quality, low-volume maintenance across the entire L-382-series of airplanes through 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station. Gulf Air Group expertise is founded on the professionalism of personnel and managed through the highest standards-based processes.

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