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IAI’ DS-SAR Satellite Successfully Launched and Entered Earth Orbit in Space


IAI’ DS-SAR Satellite Successfully Launched and Entered Earth Orbit in Space

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IAI’ DS-SAR Satellite Successfully Launched and Entered Earth Orbit in Space
IAI’ DS-SAR Satellite Successfully Launched and Entered Earth Orbit in Space

The DS-SAR radar satellite, developed and produced by IAI, was successfully launched into space on a PSLV-C56 (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) rocket, this morning at 04:00 from the launch site SDSC SHAR Sriharikota, India. In line with the original launch program, the satellite entered its orbit around the Earth, began transmitting data, and underwent a series of preliminary performance tests, conducted by IAI’s engineers, who validated the correct functioning and performance level of the systems. While in orbit, the satellite will begin a preplanned series of tests, and following their completion, will be formally handed over to its Singaporean customers DSTA and ST Electronics.

The DS-SAR satellite was developed based on the experience accumulated by IAI in developing a series of advanced observation satellites: OptSat and TecSAR, which are launched into space, in new generations, since 1988. The SAR sensor payload enables the collection of a wide range of data, in terms of both coverage and resolution, day and night, and under all weather conditions.

The satellite will be used for government and commercial purposes; DS-SAR will be used to support the satellite imagery requirements of Singapore government agencies, including for maritime security and the detection of oil spills. At the same time, the images captured by DS-SAR will be used to enhance ST Electronics’ commercial imagery services. DSTA (Defence Science and Technology Agency) – part of the Singapore Ministry of Defence – alongside ST Electronics – part of major regional defence and engineering group ST Engineering – have ordered in 2018 an Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite from Israeli manufacturer Israel Aerosapce Industries (IAI). This foreign-built SAR, DS-SAR, satellite will support their already in orbit, domestically built TELEOS 1 Earth observation spacecraft which was launched in 2015.

Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel’s largest defense technology company, is a national knowledge hub and world leader, in developing and producing advanced systems for use in space, aviation, marine, land and cyber applications, for both the military and civilian market. The company is a world leader in the fields of missiles, radars, satellites, unmanned platforms, civil aviation and cyber. IAI’s Systems Missiles and Space Group is tasked with the development and building of air-defense systems, including Arrow-2 and Arrow-3, Barak 8, loitering munitions, and numerous missile systems, advanced satellite systems such as observation satellites, nanosatellites, satellite launchers, communications satellites, the national ‘Dror’ communications satellite, and more. The Group also developed the Beresheet Lunar lander whose pathbreaking mission took it to the moon.

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