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Hanwha Ocean Develops Domestic Anti-vibration Materials for Naval Ships

Hanwha Ocean Develops Domestic Anti-vibration Materials for Naval Ships
Hanwha Ocean Develops Domestic Anti-vibration Materials for Naval Ships

Hanwha Ocean, led by CEO Hyuk-Woong Kwon and Vice Chairman, has made a significant announcement on the 15th regarding the successful localization of anti-vibration materials. These specialized paints are designed to reduce vibration and noise in ships, thereby enhancing their operational performance. This development marks a crucial step in strengthening the technological competitiveness of naval warships. The noise and vibration emitted by naval ships and submarines can expose their location to adversaries, making them vulnerable. However, with the use of vibration damping materials, ships can operate covertly by significantly reducing noise and vibrations.

For the past three decades, the production of damping materials has been reliant on imports from the United States and Germany. This dependence has resulted in the need to order more paints than necessary to meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements imposed by suppliers. Additionally, when work schedule changes caused the expiration date to be exceeded, a considerable amount of material had to be discarded. The procurement process was further complicated by customs procedures, leading to delays in supply and demand. Hanwha Ocean’s newly developed anti-vibration material not only offers a more cost-effective solution compared to imported products but also eliminates the issues related to MOQ and customs procedures. Its local production ensures seamless availability, enhancing production efficiency.

Moreover, the anti-vibration material developed by Hanwha Ocean has received certification from Lloyd’s Register. This certification allows for its broad application in both domestic and foreign ships, including special-purpose vessels. The adoption of this newly developed product in domestic and international vessels requires approval from the classification society and demands superior performance compared to existing options. As such, the localization of this material carries significant meaning. Hanwha Ocean has already successfully constructed and delivered the first Korean-style destroyer, the KDX-I, and holds the distinction of being the sole company with experience in building all subsequent orders of the KDX-II/III series. The company is renowned for having built the largest number of destroyers currently in operation within the Republic of Korea Navy.

To rebuild the reputation of authentic naval ships, Hanwha Ocean is actively engaged in technology development. The development of the anti-vibration materials represents just one facet of Hanwha Ocean’s dedication to advancing its technological capabilities. The company is focusing its efforts on securing the Ulsan Batch-III project, which involves the construction of a next-generation frigate that surpasses leading ships. By harnessing various technologies and maximizing synergies among defense affiliates within the Hanwha Group, Hanwha Ocean aims to secure this prestigious contract. An official from Hanwha Ocean emphasized, “The localization of anti-vibration materials further enhances Hanwha Ocean’s competitive edge in materials.”

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