Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora Concludes Spring Deployment to Far East
Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora Concludes Spring Deployment to Far East

Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora Concludes Spring Deployment to Far East

A Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CP-140 Aurora Air Detachment has completed a deployment in the Indo-Pacific region, including a six-week rotation on Operation NEON. Op NEON is the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) contribution to multinational efforts to support the implementation of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions imposed against North Korea. This deployment demonstrates Canada’s unwavering commitment to promote peace and strengthen stability in the region, alongside our partners in the Pacific Security Maritime Exchange (PSMX). The CP-140 Aurora crew monitored for suspected maritime sanctions evasion activities, in particular ship-to-ship transfers of fuel and other commodities banned by the UNSC.

“I am proud of our crew’s contribution to this multinational initiative in support of peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region. It is yet another demonstration of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s commitment to the region, as we continue to provide assets and exceptional professionals alongside our regional allies and partners,” Major-General Ian Huddleston, Commander Joint Forces Air Component said.

“The Canadian Armed Forces will continue to play a vital role in the Indo-Pacific region, maintaining a persistent presence to support peace, security, and Canadian interests all of which require adherence to the rules-based international order. The CAF is committed to this outcome and our efforts include notable and valued contributions to Operation NEON, as part of the United Nations collective response, which plays a key role in supporting global security and prosperity in the region,” Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie, Commander CJOC said.

Through the course of the operation, RCAF aircraft are routinely intercepted by People’s Republic of China military aircraft. Most interactions have taken place in a safe and professional manner; however, when interactions are deemed unsafe, Canada addresses them directly with China through the appropriate channels. Following Operation NEON, the CP-140 and crew proceeded to conduct a short operational visit to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines as part of Operation PROJECTION. These visits are key opportunities for CAF engagement within the Indo-Pacific region, as Canada expands its military cooperation in the region through the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

The Lockheed CP-140 Aurora is a maritime patrol aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The aircraft is based on the Lockheed P-3 Orion airframe, but mounts the electronics suite of the Lockheed S-3 Viking. “Aurora” refers to the Roman goddess of dawn who flies across the sky each morning ahead of the sun. Aurora also refers to the Aurora Borealis, the “northern lights”, that are prominent over northern Canada and the Arctic Ocean. The RCAF CP-140 Aurora Air Detachment consisted of approximately 40 personnel, including aircrew, technicians, and other mission specialists. With a range of 7,400 km and equipped with advanced sensors the CP-140 Aurora is a pre-eminent Long Range Patrol aircraft well-suited to Operation NEON.

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