Anschuetz Singapore Delivers Synapsis NX Systems for New OPVs of Philippines Navy
Anschuetz Singapore Delivers Synapsis NX Systems for New OPVs of Philippines Navy

Anschuetz Singapore Delivers Synapsis NX Systems for New OPVs of Philippines Navy

Six newly built offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for the Philippines Navy will be equipped with advanced Anschütz integrated navigation and bridge systems. The scope also includes navigation sensors and a dedicated data distribution. Anschuetz Singapore secured the offshore patrol vessels for supplying them with Synapsis NX systems, providing immediate situational awareness and full integrated navigation capabilities. Synapsis NX is a state-of-the-art integrated navigation system (INS), combining all relevant navigation sensors and systems in a modular, user-centered system for safer and more efficient bridge operations.

Synapsis NX features multifunctional workstations that integrate any combination of our navigational applications. Thanks to standardized, modern user interfaces, navigators can experience very intuitive operations. The workstations also provide central and local change of color palettes and dimming and share individual and situation-specific user settings. The Integrated Navigation System (INS) integrates any relevant data and functions of onboard navigational applications and sensors. The INS manages sensor data, routes, charts, and tracks, and also performs central services of the system like an intelligent central alert management.

Synapsis Navalwarship integrated navigation and bridge system
Synapsis Naval warship integrated navigation and bridge system. (Photo by Anschuetz)

Anschuetz Singapore supplies cost-effective yet advanced capabilities to defence customers in the South East Asia region. German shipyard group Abeking & Rasmussen has selected Anschütz to design and deliver an integrated solution for mine countermeasures (MCM), command and control, and navigation for two mine countermeasures vessels of the Indonesian Navy. The first of the two new vessels, which are among the most modern ships of their kind, is currently successfully completing its sea trials. The two MCM vessels will be delivered to the Indonesian Navy in 2023.

Anschuetz Singapore was established in 2009 as a subsidiary of the German-based navigation system manufacturer Anschütz GmbH. The dedicated support of more than 40 employees has led to an excellent reputation of Anschuetz Singapore in terms of servicing and integrating navigation and communication systems in South East Asia. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of navigation, bridge and mission systems for commercial shipping, offshore and research vessels, workboats, mega yachts, coast guard and naval vessels, and submarines. Anschuetz are certified by the Bureau Veritas according to QMS ISO 9001:2008.

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