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BTI Defence Introduces Nano and Micro Drone Quadcopters to Indonesian Navy


BTI Defence Introduces Nano and Micro Drone Quadcopters to Indonesian Navy

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Uavtek Multirotor
Uavtek Multirotor

The pursuit of ever-smaller and lighter subsystems has driven the innovations of nanotechnology and nanoelectromechanical systems. On Thursday, February 17th, BTI Defence introducing UAVTek’s Nano and Micro drone familiy to Indonesian Navy in Jakarta. UAVTek is UK based drone manufacturer with wide range of R&D in nano drone technology and tactical systems integration, UAVTek develop its products to be modular, lightweight with unsurpassed durability. Developments in size, weight and power (SWaP) optimised technologies have driven these improvements, allowing smaller man-portable systems such as Payload equipped modular Nano drones that can deliver unfair advantage over the enemy presence.

BTI Defence Introduces Nano and Micro Drone Quadcopters to Indonesian Navy
Indonesian defense procurement company BTI Defence introduces UAVTek’s Nano and Micro drone quadcopters to Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Laut). (Photo by BTI Defence)

The event also attended by WAASRENA KASAL (Navy Planning Vice Assistance), WAASOPS KASAL (Navy Operations Vice Assistance), WAASLOG KASAL (Navy Logistic Vice Assistance), Head of DISSENLEKAL (Weapon & Electronic Division) , Head of DISLITBANGAL (Research & Development Division), Head of PUSKOPASKA (Indonesian Frogman Forces), Head Of PUSPENERBAL (Indonesian Navy Aviation). Deployment of nano drones offer an unprecedented ability to reduce the risks of casualty by gathering intel and battlefield surveillance, protecting military personnel from harm, as well as delivering multi-mission solutions to minimize threats. The innovation ensures ongoing cutting edge capability for the special forces and intelligence agency.

BTI Defence is an Indonesian headquartered defence procurement specialist. BTI Defence represents some of the best and most well know manufacturers from around the world, providing a link between government & security agencies and advanced technological and materiel solutions available today. With a global network of specialists and local experts, BTI Defence is currently participating in a consultative and advisory capacity on: UAV (MALE) – Sub-Systems Selection, Weapon Systems – 40mm Naval Gun, Tactical Communication – Classified (TNI-AL), Sub- Surface Defence – Classified (MoD). The company head office is in Surabaya, Indonesia, and a branch office in Jakarta as well as representative offices in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe so that we are able to provide solutions locally in these areas.

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