Rafael Releases Video of Counter UAVs Capability on Typhoon Mk30-C Naval RCWS
Rafael Releases Video of Counter UAVs Capability on Typhoon Mk30-C Naval RCWS

Rafael Releases Video of Counter UAVs Capability on Typhoon Mk30-C Naval RCWS

The Israeli defense company RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd has released footage of its Typhoon Naval Remote Controlled Weapons Station (RCWS) downing small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The company unveiled the video in which it demonstrated counter-drone capabilities conducted in the last month. The Naval RCWS offers the operator fire correction, which can minimize the number of rounds needed to down UAVs. The system fires bursts of 10 rounds, and the company says one or two bursts is enough to down a drone threat. The capability is operational and the company is offering it to customers as an upgrade to existing systems. It has a range of approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 miles).

Equipped with the highly-reliable NGC Mk44S Bushmaster 30 mm gun and its advanced ammunition, the TYPHOON Mk30-C offers a superior capability in defending against multiple threats. As a world leader with a global install base of more than 750 medium caliber Stabilized NRWS Systems (the “TYPHOON” Family), RAFAEL is offering its TYPHOON Mk30-C counter-UAS, as a solution for airborne, marine and shore-based threats. Its incorporates an on-mount Electro-Optical Director with a state-of-the-art Fire Control System to optimize effective surveillance and engage threats in all weather conditions, day and night.


The TYPHOON Mk30-C fires all NATO standard ammunition with adjustable rates of fire, up to 200 rounds per minute. Its magazine holds 190/380 ready rounds on mount. With 70-degree elevation, coupled with ABM, the TYPHOON Mk30-C can defeat multiple small and medium UAS, including the latest emerging drone threats using a single ammunition load. The system incorporates a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors that translate to very high hit accuracies using advanced AI techniques, which enable Automatic Target Recognition, Classification and Tracking (ATR), as well as unique Automatic Fire Correction (AFC) capabilities.

RAFAEL’s TYPHOON family has set the standards for stabilized, remotely-controlled, small caliber, naval gun systems. The TYPHOON weapon system family is widely considered the most reliable, effective and affordable weapon system in its class, with variants including the pioneer TYPHOON Mk23 and the Mini-TYPHOON, a light, stabilized RWS that can accommodate different types of machine guns, such as the 7.62mm and the 0.5″ machine gun. The 30mm weapon Typhoon Mk-30c and the 25mm Typhoon variant are in service with several navies around the world, including the U.S. Navy. The company has 32 customers worldwide for the Typhoon and has installed 750 of the weapon systems.

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