Elbit Systems SkyStriker Autonomous Loitering Munitions (LM)
Elbit Systems SkyStriker Autonomous Loitering Munitions (LM)

Elbit Systems Unveils SkyStriker Autonomous Loitering Munitions (LM) at IDEX 2023

Elbit Systems Ltd. will participate in the bi-annual IDEX military exhibition in Abu Dhabi from February 20-24th 2023, showcasing a wide range of cutting-edge systems and capabilities. At it’s booth Stand 02-A02 at IDEX 2023, Elbit Systems will present a range of cutting-edge technological solutions that help address both current and emerging operational needs of armed forces. Throughout the exhibition, the Company and its subsidiary Elbit Systems Emirates (ESE) will have a significant presence to advance cooperation and the customization of its solutions based on local market customers’ operational requirements. Elbit Systems will present autonomous loitering munitions of solutions by visual and interactive displays.

SkyStriker is a fully autonomous loitering munitions (LM) that can locate, acquire and strike operator designated targets with a 5 or 10 Kg warhead installed inside the fuselage, enabling high-precision performance. SkyStriker’s electric propulsion offers a low acoustic signature, allowing covert operations at low altitude. As a silent, invisible, and surprise attacker, SkyStriker delivers the utmost in precision and reliability, providing a critical advantage in the modern battlefield. Elbit Systems’ SkyStriker is a cost-effective LM that is capable of long-range precise tactical strikes. SkyStriker provides maneuverable troops and Special Forces with direct-fire aerial-precision capabilities, enhancing situational awareness and survivability.

Elbit Systems SkyStriker Autonomous Loitering Munitions (LM)
Elbit Systems SkyStriker Autonomous Loitering Munitions (LM). (Photo by Elbit Systems)

Electrical propulsion – for covert missions
Long mission range
Advanced gimbaled dual CCD+IR seeker with synchronized dual tracker
Dual warhead configuration
Abort, go-around and re-engage capabilities
Single truck mobility
Optional recovery capability

Due to rapid fight speed capability, SkyStriker can reach a distance of 20 Km within ten minutes. Upon reaching the target area, the LM can loiter and pursue the target for up to 2 hours with a 5 Kg warhead or up to 1 hour with a 10 Kg warhead. SkyStriker offers quick deployment and provides the ?ghting force with the ability to observe and identify an enemy target before delivering a rapid precision airstrike. Its remote operation capability ensures that operators are not exposed to detection or enemy ?re while guiding the LM to its target. SkyStriker uses autonomous navigation during its cruising and loitering phases. When preparing to strike, the LM navigates based on its electro optical “lock” on the target. During the strike phase, the LM can dive at extremely high speeds of up to 300 knots and can withstand winds of up to 40 knots with only slight degradation in performance accuracy.

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