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Turkish Company Otokar Unveils Arma II 40-Tonne 8×8 Armored Fighting Vehicle


Turkish Company Otokar Unveils Arma II 40-Tonne 8×8 Armored Fighting Vehicle

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Otokar Arma II 8x8 Armored Fighting Vehicle
Otokar Arma II 8x8 Armored Fighting Vehicle

Otokar has expanded the ARMA family with the ARMA II 8×8 armored fighting vehicle. The ARMA II is a new-generation armored combat vehicle that stands out with its superior terrain capability and modular structure, while offering the highest level of protection and the highest firepower in its class. With a maximum weight of 40 tons and a 720 HP engine, ARMA II allows the integration of heavy weapon systems up to 120mm caliber, as well as greater payload capacity and better protection features. The company plans to continue the production of the current ARMA, adding that the ARMA family has achieved a high level of user satisfaction. ARMA II is the only vehicle in its weight class with amphibious capability.

Otokar, is a Turkish bus and military vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Sakarya, Turkey. The company, which has been a pioneer in Turkey since the day it was founded, increased its domestic participation rate in ARMA II. Otokar wanted to take an important step in reducing the foreign dependency of our country in land systems by increasing the domestic content while developing ARMA II. In ARMA II, Otokar used a transfer case and suspension system that the company designed and produced with own resources. The company preferred national design and domestic production subsystems, including the cooling package. With this aspect, ARMA II has also become Turkey’s first domestically powered 8×8 armored vehicle.

Otokar Arma II 40-Tonne 8x8 Armored Fighting Vehicle
Otokar Arma II 40-Tonne 8×8 Armored Fighting Vehicle

In addition to being used as a standard wheeled armored combat vehicle and armored personnel carrier for the infantry class, different weapon systems, equipment and various systems can be integrated into ARMA II. ARMA II with different variants, surveillance and listening vehicles and reconnaissance vehicle; with its large interior volume and very fast displacement capability, it takes part in the inventory as a command and control vehicle. While ARMA II can serve in battlefield rescue missions with appropriate subsystems with the additional volume provided by the enlarged body main structure, it has the distinction of being the most superior vehicle of its class that can perform various tasks such as maintenance and repair and ambulance.

Arma is a 6×6 and 8×8 amphibious wheeled armoured combat vehicle family designed and developed by Otokar. Otokar developed the vehicle to target the Turkish Land Forces’ Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (OMTTZA) project. Otokar presented for the first time to the public the Arma wheeled armoured vehicle at Eurosatory 2010. Arma is a new product family within Otokar’s tactical wheeled armoured vehicle range with modular multi-wheel configuration. Arma vehicle’s development started in 2007 as a company-funded development project for home and export markets. Development studies from concept design till the end of test phases including qualification and validation processes, detailed design, and computer-aided engineering studies, are performed by Otokar.

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