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Swedish Navy Joins NATO Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP)


Swedish Navy Joins NATO Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP)

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Swedish Navy Corvete HSwMS Visby (K31)
Swedish Navy Corvete HSwMS Visby (K31)

Swedish Navy has officially become a member of the Naval Logistics Support Partnership. The country joined as an Associate Member further to a cooperation agreement between the General Manager of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), on behalf of the NATO Support and Procurement Office (NSPO), and the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden, represented by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, signed on 16 December 2022. Sweden initially joined the Naval Logistics Support Partnership in 2012 as a Trial Member, and later signed a sales agreement in May 2019.

The Swedish Navy is one of the most enduring navies in the world. Founded in 1522, it celebrated its 500th anniversary last year. After careful evaluation of the Partnership’s capabilities and its own logistics needs, Sweden decided to upgrade their membership within the Naval Logistics Support Partnership, requesting Associate Member status in March 2022. The Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP), established in 2010, is comprised of 19 NATO members and Partners for Peace. Its primary mission is to meet the needs of the NLSP participating nations in terms of military effectiveness by providing contracted solutions for their navies.

NSPA enable participating nations to increase their military effectiveness, by managing and performing logistics activities on their behalf, including Naval Operational Support (NOS), port services, Naval Technical Support (NTS), procurement support, transportation, and engineering and technical support. This includes providing naval operational support for fuel and husbandry services in thousands of ports in 28 areas of operation, 95 countries or territories worldwide and provision of naval technical support such as critical spare parts and project management to meet national requirements.

NSPA relies on its extensive network of suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to bridge the gap between requirement and delivery of operational effectiveness. Recent supply examples include general spares, damage control equipment, SOLAS approved items, electronic components, diving equipment, fitted firefighting equipment and critical spares. Examples of naval projects managed by NSPA include support to electronic warfare exercises, ship refits, and a variety of rigid hulled inflatable boats. Under the NLSP, NSPA can also establish dedicated project groups to manage specific systems and currently manages a Torpedo Project Group on behalf of three participating nations.

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