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7th Zuzana 2 Wheeled Self-propelled Howitzer Delivered to Ukraine


7th Zuzana 2 Wheeled Self-propelled Howitzer Delivered to Ukraine

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7th Zuzana 2 Wheeled Self-propelled Howitzer Delivered to Ukraine
7th Zuzana 2 Wheeled Self-propelled Howitzer Delivered to Ukraine

Slovakian Defense Minister Jaro Nad said that Slovak Republic Defense Ministry (Ministerstvo Obrany Slovenskej Republiky, MO SR) had delivered 7th Zuzana 2 wheeled self-propelled howitzer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Zbroini syly Ukrainy), and one more will be coming soon. In April 2022 Ukraine started negotiations to purchase 16 Zuzana self-propelled gun howitzers with a caliber of 155 mm. There are claims that the negotiation process regarding the purchase of this military equipment is almost completed. In May 2022 Slovakia officially announced the transfer of 8 howitzers to Ukraine.

As of October 9, 6 of them have been transferred to Ukraine. That the training of the Ukrainian crew could take approximately a week.The Ukrainian side took over the first seven pieces of the 155mm Zuzana 2 self-propelled howitzer. The Zuzanas will be joining M777, FH70, CAESARs, M109, Krabs and PzH2000 howitzers already in use with Ukrainian armed forces as they defend the country against the Russian invasion that was launched in February this year. The new version is claimed to possess Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) capability. The new self-propelled artillery mount, however, received a 155mm gun with a longer barrel, which increased its range.

Slovakia Delivers Zuzana 2 155 mm Self-propelled Gun Howitzers to Ukraine
The Armed Forces of Ukraine took delivery of the first batch of Zuzana 2 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers manufactured by the Slovak company Konštrukta Defense on on August 13, 2022.

Zuzana 2 155 mm Gun Howitzer is a Slovakian artillery system developed by KONŠTRUKTA-Defence, a.s., with a 45-caliber gun and automatic loader for loading of both projectile and charge. It is an evolution of the 152mm SpGH DANA self-propelled howitzer. The original wheeled version adopted by the Slovak Army in 1998. Updated version with a new 52-calibre gun, full 360-degree turret traverse, a new armored cab and further reduced crew of three enabled by automation. It has passed Slovak Army trials in December 2009. Slovak army had ordered 25 vehicles (to be delivered in year 2021 and 2022).

The system has a long range, high accuracy and rate of fire, it can be prepared promptly for firing, and it has a high level of mobility ensured by a modified Tatra 8×8 chassis. The design of the gun means it can use any NATO standard 155 mm ammunition. The fire control system allows for a multiple-round simultaneous-impact (MRSI) mode. One of the unique features of Zuzana is that the gun is mounted externally in between two totally separated compartments of the turret. This makes the crew inherently safe from any potentially dangerous mechanics of the gun and autoloader plus the crew is protected from the gases generated during firing.

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