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Lithuania to Buy 120 mm EXPAL 120-MX2-SM Towed Mortars


Lithuania to Buy 120 mm EXPAL 120-MX2-SM Towed Mortars

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Lithuania to Buy 120 mm EXPAL 120-MX2-SM Towed Mortars
Lithuania to Buy 120 mm EXPAL 120-MX2-SM Towed Mortars

The Defence Materiel Agency under the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence and the Spanish company EXPAL Systems, S.A. agreed on Lithuania’s acquisition of 120 mm EXPAL 120-MX2-SM towed mortars. The system is reliable and meets NATO weaponry standards. The equipment is to be delivered over two years, half of the batch –by the end of next year. EXPAL Systems was selected on the best price basis. The contract worth (the mortar systems and spares) amounts to approx. EUR. 9.8 million. The systems bought by Lithuania have and effective range of up to 8 kilometers. Mobile and versatile, the mortars systems have enhanced firepower and precision to enable the infantry and artillery to respond to tactical demands of indirect fire support operations.

As designer and manufacturer, EXPAL offer a modern, reliable and high-quality system combat proven in all its versions. Furthermore, the company provide a complete solution for indirect fire operations named “One-Stop Shop” consisting of 60, 81 and 120mm mortar systems, the entire portfolio of munition compatible with all NATO smoothbore and EIMOS, the 60/81mm mortar system integrated into a high mobility vehicle that enhances accuracy, reliability and reduces the time of deployment to contribute to the survivability and safety of the troops. This proposal includes as well the Fire Control System TECHFIRE, the mini UAV used as Unmanned Forward Observer SHEPERD-MIL, the simulator eSIMOX to train mortar units and eTRAIDS for maintenance works.

EXPAL’s 60, 81 and 120mm mortar systems and munitions are in service in over 35 NATO and allied countries. EXPAL develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains products, systems, and services for the defense and security sectors; weapon systems, munitions and energetic products; applications and technological systems; maintenance services, modernization and integrated logistics support for military vehicles and aircraft systems; as well as demilitarization and EOD services. As MAXAM’s leading Defence Business Unit, EXPAL has over 1,300 employees and 11 production centers spread across Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Belarus, Denmark, and the U.S.

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