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DroneShield Launch Regional New South Wales Testing Facility


DroneShield Launch Regional New South Wales Testing Facility

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DroneShield Launch Regional New South Wales Testing Facility
DroneShield Launch Regional New South Wales Testing Facility

DroneShield is pleased to advise that it has launched a dedicated testing facility in regional New South Wales. The facility will significantly streamline the testing and release of advanced drone detection technologies in development by the Company. This is DroneShield’s first dedicated testing facility in both New South Wales and Australia. Importantly, Australia is a key customer market for DroneShield, and having a dedicated local facility is expected to further enhance work with Australian customers, both from a sovereign capability perspective and a way to conduct customer demonstrations.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, said “As we continue to grow our advanced drone detection and defeat technologies, there is an increasing need for a locally based test site, that meets our operational requirements as well as being compliant with Government regulations. This permanent facility enables fully remote testing by our engineering team, with real time data shared with our engineering headquarters in Sydney. This enables faster development cycles of our AI-enabled radiofrequency, image recognition, and sensorfusion technologies, which are pushed out to our subscribed customers on a quarterly release cycle.”

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DroneShield is an Australian/US publicly listed company focusing on RF sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, Electronic Warfare, Rapid Prototyping and MIL-SPEC manufacturing. The company capabilities are used to protect Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure, Commercial and VIPs throughout the world. DroneShield solutions are safe and harmless, both for the drones and for humans. Counterdrone is a US$10bn rapidly emerging global market, which did not exist 10 years ago. US investors can purchase ASX-listed shares (including DroneShield) through a number of US-based brokers.

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