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Tactical Leadership Programme: the Pilot School of NATO


Tactical Leadership Programme: the Pilot School of NATO

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Tactical Leadership Programme
Tactical Leadership Programme

TLP (Tactical Leadership Programme) also known as the Pilot School of NATO, is an international military organization formed by 10 permanent member countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and United States), the rest of the countries of NATO and the invited countries from outside NATO. Due to the TLP being located in Spain it is headed by a Spanish Air Force Colonel (NATO rank OF – 5) who is in charge of two Branches and a Support Unit; these Branches and Support Unit are headed by Lieutenant Colonels or equivalent (NATO rank OF – 4). The heads of the Flying and Academics Branches are drawn in rotation whereas the head of the Support Unit is always Spanish.

Throughout our 44 year history in Germany, Belgium and now in Spain, TLP has become the focal point for NATO’s Allied Air Forces tactical training and development of knowledge and leadership skills, necessary to face today’s air tactical challenges. A burden sharing principle sees the MOU Nations provide finance, support and personnel to the TLP along with airspace, infrastructure and support assets to the TLP courses. Based on their contributions towards the TLP these Nations are entitled to send a number of students and participants to the respective course and have the right to influence the TLP’s activities. Other Nations such as Switzerland, Turkey or Poland have been invited as guests to the TLP courses.

The main objective is to increase the effectiveness of air forces in the field of tactical leadership and conceptual and doctrinal initiatives in support of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and National Defence Forces. TLP is a multinational center of advanced training for pilots and crews with the aim of improving the operability and effectiveness of the Allied Air Forces. In addition to the flight training courses, theoretical courses are also developed for personnel from the three armies of both NATO and non-NATO countries. It has its seat in the Spanish city of Albacete next to the Los Llanos Air Base. This is being achieved with the effort, dedication and professionalism of staff.

TLP is a programme of excellence and will remain aligned and relevant. TLP follow a 5-pillar strategy based on:
The integration of 4th, 5th, and Xth Generation platforms
The adoption of the Agile Combat Employment concept
Live-Virtual-Constructive training
A state-of-the-art Contested-Degraded Operations environment
The introduction of Joint All Domain factors in the challenging air scenarios, in both the Academic and the Flying courses.

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