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Saab to Set Up Manufacturing Facility in India for Carl-Gustaf M4 Man-portable Recoilless Rifle


Saab to Set Up Manufacturing Facility in India for Carl-Gustaf M4 Man-portable Recoilless Rifle

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Carl-Gustaf M4 Multi-role Man-portable Recoilless Rifle
Carl-Gustaf M4 Multi-role Man-portable Recoilless Rifle

Saab will set up a manufacturing facility for the shoulder launched weapon system Carl-Gustaf in India, further strengthening production in the country. Production in the new facility is planned to start in 2024. The facility will support the production of the Carl-Gustaf M4 for the Indian Armed Forces as well as components for users of the system around the world. The new company Saab FFV India, currently under registration, will make the latest generation of the state-of-the-art weapon in India. Saab will also be partnering with Indian sub-suppliers and the systems manufactured in the facility will fully meet the requirements of “Make in India”.

“It is a natural step to set up a production facility for Carl-Gustaf M4 in India given the long and close association we have with the Indian Army as one of the foremost users of the system. We are glad to be able to contribute to the Government of India’s goals of developing a world class defence industry and proud to offer the Indian Armed Forces our Carl-Gustaf M4 made in India,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

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Saab Carl-Gustaf Ammunitions
Saab Carl-Gustaf Ammunitions

Saab FFV India will deploy complex technologies including the latest sighting technology and apply advanced manufacturing techniques like carbon fibre winding for the Carl-Gustaf system including the latest M4 weapon. Over the years Saab have partnered with Indian companies to make parts or components for Saab’s products on the global market. This project is a continuation of Saab’s commitment to “Make in India”. Saab will continue its partnership with Munitions India Limited (MIL) and Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL) to manufacture the Carl-Gustaf weapon and its ammunition.

The Carl-Gustaf system has been in service with the Indian Army since the first cooperation agreement for production in India was signed 1976. Through its wide variety of ammunition, Carl-Gustaf has established itself as the main shoulder launched weapon in the Indian Armed Forces. The Carl Gustaf 8.4 cm recoilless rifle is a Swedish developed man-portable shoulder-fired recoilless rifle. The Carl Gustaf M4 was revealed by Saab at AUSA 2014. The shorter length was in response to the need to wield the weapon in urban terrain, and weight savings were achieved through using lighter components whenever possible

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