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Elbit Systems ICAVS(D) Reaches Full Operational Capability


Elbit Systems ICAVS(D) Reaches Full Operational Capability

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Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) (ICAVS(D))
Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) (ICAVS(D))

Elbit Systems UK’s Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) (ICAVS(D)) has successfully reached Full Operational Capability (FOC), marked by an achievement event at Tidworth on Salisbury Plain attended by senior figures from industry and government. ICAVS(D) can be viewed at DVD 2022 at UTAC Millbrook, on Elbit Systems UK Stand. Designed as a pathfinder project for the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP), ICAVS(D) entered into service in April this year in line with the agreed delivery schedule. Using the latest high-specification hardware and Defence Virtual Simulation software, ICAVS(D) delivers immersive virtual tactical training in the Army’s Battlecraft Syllabus, enabling units to get the most out of their live field training exercises. Now in use by both regular and reserve soldiers in the British Army, it provides the ability to conduct collective training and experimentation at a place and time of the units’ choosing, as well as allowing for rehearsal of complex operational environments in all weathers, terrains and environments.

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK said: “ICAVS(D) reaching Full Operational Capability is a significant milestone in our contribution to providing advanced training to the British Army. Flexibility and high fidelity are crucial to delivering effective training, and our platform will streamline the Army’s ability to maintain operational readiness for front-line duties.”

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Mike Cooper, the Senior Responsible Owner for CTTP, said: “I am delighted that ICAVS(D) has successfully reached FOC. As one of the early drops of capability under our CTTP Pathfinders its rollout has not only provided capability early, but has successfully demonstrated the future CAVS model as we build momentum towards modernising our collective training and delivering the Future Collective Training System. My congratulations go to the Elbit Systems UK delivery team and our own DE&S and CTTP teams.”

ICAVS(D) training event
Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) (ICAVS(D)) training event

The achievement event at Tidworth marked the delivery of ICAVS(D)’s 25th Training Event and represented the system reaching FOC only five months after coming into service, achieving the September FOC target timeline. The event was attended by representatives from Defence Equipment & Support as well as staff from Army HQ and the Land Warfare Centre, who observed training exercises undertaken by the Army using ICAVS(D). There are currently four units of ICAVS(D) equipment available at any time for use by the Army and the system is easily deployable at the point of need, with minimal planning and usage constraints, maximising the value of precious live training opportunities. ICAVS(D) can also complement Unit-led training to deliver Section to Battle Group training in challenging and complex high-fidelity environments.

The FOC event at Tidworth, Salisbury Plain, was attended by representatives from DE&S as well as staff from Army HQ and the Land Warfare Centre. ICAVS(D) is used by all arms and services in the British Army as well as the Royal Marines and members of Joint Helicopter Command. It replaced the Unit Based Virtual Trainer in April and is the bridge to the full CAVS(D) capability which will be delivered by CTTP’s Project Synthetics. There are currently four ICAVS(D) units available at any time and the system is easily deployable around the UK and overseas. It complements unit delivered e platform crew training to Battle Group level training and is contributing to the Army’s modernisation and transformation plan, Future Soldier.

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