Patria Delivered Last Modernized Hamina-Class Missile Boat to Finnish Navy
Patria Delivered Last Modernized Hamina-Class Missile Boat to Finnish Navy

Patria Delivered Last Modernized Hamina-Class Missile Boat to Finnish Navy

Patria delivered the fourth and last modernized Hamina-Class missile boat to the Finnish Navy in Upinniemi. In the Mid-Life-Upgrade (MLU) project Patria has been acting as the prime contractor, designer, and the lead system integrator. The fourth modernized Hamina-Class missile boat, called Pori, started its sea acceptance tests related to the commissioning of the boat already in the spring, which continued over the summer. Four missile boats in total were modernized between 2018-2022 as a part of MLU project, providing new capabilities to the Finnish Navy.

“The modernization and Mid-Life-Upgrade of the Hamina-Class illustrates well Patria’s advanced system integration capability. In addition to the overhaul and life cycle extension, one of the main goals in the Hamina-Class modernization has been the development of anti-submarine warfare performance. As part of the new capabilities, Patria supplied the Hamina-Class ships with the new innovative training target system it has developed, which enables anti-submarine warfare training in a flexible and the most cost-effective way,”Veli-Pekka Heinonen, the Navy Business Area Leader of Patria Finland Division said.


The large-scale overhaul ensures the capability to countering maritime threats, repelling attacks at sea, protecting sea lines, and monitoring and securing territorial integrity. With the new torpedo and surface-to-surface missile system, as well as upgrades to the surface-to-air missile system, the ships are capable of impact in the air, surface and underwater. The planned life cycle of the Hamina class extends until the 2030s with the life cycle update.

The Hamina-class missile boat is a class of fast attack craft of the Finnish Navy. They are classified as “missile fast attack craft” or ohjusvene, literally “missile boat” in Finnish. The Hamina FACs are based at Upinniemi, and form the 7th Surface Warfare Squadron, part of the Finnish Coastal Fleet, together with the minelayers MLC Hämeenmaa, Porkkala and Pyhäranta. Modernization of the four Hamina-class ships began in 2018 and was completed in April 2022, The MLU programme will enable the Haminas to continue their service into the mid 2030’s. The main gun armament is being changed from 57mm to 40mm in order to save weight.

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