K-136 Kooryong multiple-launch rocket system
South Korea-donated Multi-launch Rocket System to Philippines Armed Forces Expected This June

South Korea-donated Multi-launch Rocket System to Philippines Armed Forces Expected This June

Philippine News Agency reported that the South Korean-donated K-136 “Kooryong” multi-launch rocket system (MLRS), which is intended for the Philippine Army (PA) and Philippine Marine Corps (PMC), is expected to be delivered as early as June this year. This was divulged by Army spokesperson, Col. Xerxes Trinidad, when sought for an update on the project on Wednesday. Also, he said that bidding for the MLRS’ shipment or transport to the Philippines is now ongoing at the Department of National Defense (DND).

“The Philippines will be providing the logistics for its shipment to our country. It is expected to be shipped within this year and has no specific timetable yet, although, it was earlier posted that by June 2022 ang dating nito sa bansa (will be arriving in the country). The MLRS for the Army is donated by the (South) Korean government and it is still ongoing bidding at the DND (Department of National Defense) level for the shipment. The budget released is dedicated for the shipment,” he said in a message to the Philippine News Agency.

K-136 "Kooryong" multiple-launch rocket system (photo : RoKArmy)
K-136 “Kooryong” multiple-launch rocket system (Photo by Republic of Korea Army)

Trinidad said the (Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) he was referring to was issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) last April 22. It is worth PHP20,933,680 and is intended to “cover the funding requirement for the transfer and acceptance of the donations to the PA and PMC of the 130mm MLRS under the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program.” The South Korean MLRS donation was announced sometime in 2019. Around 22 MLRS are earmarked for the Philippines.

The K136 Kooryong is a South Korean rocket artillery system that was deployed in 1986.The multiple rocket launcher has 36 tubes and fires 130mm (K30, ???) and 131mm (K33, ???) rockets. Payload is conventional High explosive and pre-fragmented HE, containing 16 000 steel balls at a range of 22 or 30 km. The “Kooryong” has a range of 48 kilometers to 80 kilometers and can be used for internal and external defense. The launcher is carried on a KM809A1 6×6 truck. Daewoo Heavy Industries is in charge of production and the rocket was developed by Hanwha.

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