AeroVironment’s Puma 3 AE unmanned aircraft system
AeroVironment’s Puma 3 AE unmanned aircraft system

AeroVironment Awarded $19 Million RQ-20 Puma AE Drones Sales Contract for Ukraine

AeroVironment Inc., Simi Valley, California, was awarded a $19,737,523 firm-fixed-price contract for RQ-20 Puma AE systems, reconnaissance surveillance and target acquisition kits, initial spares package, contractor logistics support, and new equipment training for the country of Ukraine. Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work will be performed in Simi Valley, California, with an estimated completion date of May 30, 2022. Fiscal 2022 special funds for $19,737,523 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the contracting activity.

The AeroVironment RQ-20 Puma is a small, battery-powered, American, hand-launched unmanned aircraft system produced by AeroVironment based in California. Its primary mission is surveillance and intelligence gathering using an electro-optical and infrared camera. The Puma can safely accomplish observation missions in hazardous Arctic locations. Each military RQ-20A system has three air vehicles and two ground stations. The Puma AE can operate under extreme weather conditions including temperatures ranging from ?20 to 120 °F (?29 to 49 °C), wind speeds up to 25 knots (29 mph; 46 km/h), and an inch of rain per hour.

U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dylan Ferguson, a brigade aviation element officer with the 82nd Airborne Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, launches a Puma unmanned aerial vehicle June 25, 2012, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. Ferguson uses the Puma for reconnaissance for troops on the ground.
U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dylan Ferguson, a brigade aviation element officer with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, launches a Puma unmanned aerial vehicle. (Photo by Sgt. Mike MacLeod/U.S. Army)

AeroVironment’s Puma 3 AE delivers mission-critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) in all environments. Puma 3 AE has a wingspan of 9.2 feet (2.8 meters), weighs 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms), and can operate for up to 37.2 miles (60 kilometers) with AeroVironment’s Long-Range Tracking Antenna (LRTA). Multi-mission capable, operators can swap between Mantis™ i45 and the enhanced night variant Mantis i45 N for the day, night, and low-light operations. Puma 3 AE is launchable by hand, bungee, rail, or vehicle, and recoverable by deep-stall landing, providing class-leading capabilities in challenging environments around the world.

AeroVironment’s portfolio of intelligent, multi-domain robotic systems includes small footprint, runway-independent UAS. These solutions offer increased, multi-mission capabilities with the option of selecting the appropriate aircraft based on the type of mission to be performed. With the addition of the Crysalis™ next-generation ground control solution, command and control of compatible UAS and their payloads are streamlined through an intuitive user experience, and battlefield communication and collaboration are improved by enabling users to easily share real-time information and coordinate mission-critical decisions. AeroVironment provides turnkey ISR and supports services worldwide to ensure a consistently high level of mission success.

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