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ESG Awards COBRA (Counter Battery Radar) Weapon Location Radar Modernisation Work


ESG Awards COBRA (Counter Battery Radar) Weapon Location Radar Modernisation Work

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COBRA (Counter Battery Radar) Weapon Location Radar
COBRA (Counter Battery Radar) Weapon Location Radar

ESG will be modernizing the Counter Battery Radar (COBRA) weapon location radar in service with several NATO forces. At the end of last year, the European procurement authority responsible for COBRA in-service support, Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’Armement (OCCAR), awarded extensive contracts for the implementation of the Mid-Life Update (MLU) to ESG as prime contractor. The contracts include a new signal processor, a new navigation system, and new software with extensive improvements to enhance radar performance. Previously, the contracts for a new data system and a new prime power generator had been awarded to ESG.

COBRA is still the world’s most powerful weapon location radar. Its main task is the precise detection of enemy artillery, rockets, and mortars. It is characterized in particular by a long reconnaissance range, high resistance to electronic countermeasures, and full mobility. COBRA was developed in trilateral cooperation by Germany, France, and Great Britain and introduced in NATO forces by 2007 and exported to several countries to date. In 2001, the trilateral program for the procurement of COBRA systems was integrated into OCCAR. For the past 10 years, ESG has been responsible for the in-service support and further development of the COBRA system as prime contractor and System Design Authority. This partnership between ESG and OCCAR-EA underlines and reiterates the commitments of France and Germany in favor of reinforced European cooperation in the fields of Security and Defence and of development towards a more united, resilient, and sovereign Europe.

With the new signal processor, ESG is integrating a form-fit-function solution from Thales. This is characterized by a considerably increased computing power with simultaneously reduced complexity. To optimally utilize the potential, ESG is developing new data system software for this purpose. In addition to numerous new functions, it contains further developed radar data processing to improve positioning performance and accuracy.
The new navigation system replaces the previous laser gyro, which has become obsolete, with a European product from IMAR and Thales. It also integrates a GPS capability and also improves accuracy. The Mid-Life Update will significantly improve the combat capability, reliability, and logistical support (in-service support) of the COBRA system. The outstanding operational value of COBRA will thus be maintained well beyond 2035.

ESG (Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH) has been one of the leading German providers of design, integration, operation, and in-service support of complex, security-related electronic and IT systems for more than five decades. In Germany and internationally, ESG provides products and services for customers from government authorities, the fields of defense and public security, and industry. ESG is a certified aviation company for aircraft and aviation equipment for the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) and an aviation engineering company in line with EASA Parts 21J/G and EASA Part 145. Independent process and technology consulting are some of ESG’s key competencies. Technology transfer between markets is what makes a significant contribution to our customers’ added value.

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