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Lockheed Martin Australia Adds More Companies for Australian JP9102 SATCOM


Lockheed Martin Australia Adds More Companies for Australian JP9102 SATCOM

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Lockheed Martin JP9102 SATCOM
Lockheed Martin JP9102 SATCOM

Lockheed Martin Australia announced the addition of two leading Australian companies, Blacktree Technology and DXC Technology Australia, to its JP9102 team. The companies join a large and elite grouping of Australian SMEs and service providers supporting Lockheed Martin Australia to deliver a sovereign, resilient military satellite communication (MILSATCOM) capability for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Blacktree Technology, an Australian-owned communications solutions specialist, has deep experience in mission-critical ultra-high-frequency—or UHF—services for Defence. Blacktree will primarily support the Lockheed Martin Australia narrowband MILSATCOM ground segment. DXC Technology, a leading global IT services company, will oversee the development of ground and control segment cybersecurity architectures, including interfaces with existing hardware and external software elements. DXC and Blacktree join a growing network of Australian SMEs and team members, including Conscia, Av-Comm, Calytrix Technologies, EM Solutions, Shoal Group, Clearbox Systems, STEM Punks, and Ronson Gears, that are supporting Lockheed Martin Australia to deliver best-of-breed sovereign solutions and supply chain opportunities for JP9102 and beyond.

“DXC in Australia is looking forward to working closely with Lockheed Martin Australia, a company that is spearheading the development of Australia’s space-oriented industries and technologies,” said Seelan Nayagam, DXC president, Asia Pacific.

“Blacktree welcomes the opportunity to support Lockheed Martin Australia on JP9102,” said Joe Nevin, managing director of Blacktree. “This agreement capitalizes on our deep heritage in high mobility MILSATCOM and will, in turn, add to our capability and reputation as a market leader in UHF ground segment solutions.”

“Lockheed Martin Australia’s JP9102 team is ready to accelerate the delivery of an operationally agile and flexible solution that can meet the ADF’s evolving needs,” said David Ball, regional director for space at Lockheed Martin Australia. “We’re working hand-in-glove with an extensive set of local industry partners to build a highly-skilled, high-value Australian workforce. These Australian companies will contribute to an extensible and resilient sovereign MILSATCOM solution that strengthens Australia’s space capability long into the future.”

Headquartered in Perth, Blacktree Technology is a wholly Australian-owned and operated communication solutions integrator. The company specializes in IP Networking and radiofrequency systems engineering for military and commercial use cases in urban, remote, and harsh operating contexts.

DXC Technology helps global companies run their mission-critical systems and operations while modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures, and ensuring security and scalability across public, private, and hybrid clouds. The world’s largest companies and public sector organizations trust DXC to deploy services across the Enterprise Technology Stack to drive new levels of performance, competitiveness, and customer experience.

Headquartered in Canberra, Lockheed Martin Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation. The company employs more than 1,200 people in Australia working on a wide range of major programs spanning the aerospace, defense and civil sectors.

Lockheed Martin Adds More Companies for Australian JP9102 SATCOM
David Ball, regional director, and Julia Dickinson, JP9102 chief engineer, Lockheed Martin Australia; with Shwetabh Sharma, DXC Technology Australia; and Geoff Hunter, Senior Project Manager, Blacktree Technology (Photo by Lockheed Martin Australia )

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