Saab Launches New Mobile High-mast Solution for Giraffe 4A AESA Radar
Saab Launches New Mobile High-mast Solution for Giraffe 4A AESA Radar

Saab Launches New Mobile High-mast Solution for Giraffe 4A AESA Radar

Saab launches a new mobile high-mast solution with the Finnish partner Conlog Oy, for fast and efficient deployment in order to meet modern threats of low altitude such as cruise missiles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the battlefield of today. The new mobile high-mast solution for Giraffe 4A is designed to meet customer needs and handle forest environments with high obstacles as well as urban surroundings with large buildings disrupting the radar’s line of sight.

“Conlog has over 30 years of experience in developing mobile solutions for challenging environments and are pleased to be a part of this co-development product”, says Markku Hellstén, Vice President Marketing, Conlog Oy.


“The unique combination of the system´s mobility, and the high-mast, gives the operators supreme capability and creates time to act,” says Markus Borgljung, Vice President, Head of Radar Solutions, Business area Surveillance, Saab

Giraffe 4A is a multifunctional medium to long-range AESA radar, fully adaptable for different missions with simultaneous capabilities. It provides an all-weather coverage against air targets from low, slow and small targets (UAVs), to fast moving fighters as well as hyper- and supersonic missiles, RAM targets and detection/tracking of jammer strobes. Giraffe 4A can support and designate a variety of GBAD solutions and missiles systems with its unique surveillance capabilities. With over 60 years of experience in building radars, this new solution will be a tactical benefit of flexibility for units in the field of operation.

The high-mast configuration is developed together with the Finnish partner Conlog Oy, a co-operation based on the companies’ respective expertise to create a unique capability for the global market. The research and development as well as the production will be located in both Sweden and Finland. The system gives a high accuracy and update rate combined with 360° monitoring of the air volume as well as advanced stop and stare capabilities.

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