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Rostec Conduct Airdrop Tests of New Sprut-SDM1 Upgraded Light Tank


Rostec Conduct Airdrop Tests of New Sprut-SDM1 Upgraded Light Tank

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The Russian state holding company Rostec reported that the Sprut-SDM1 upgraded light tank has been dropped from a special tower in order to test the vehicle for the ability to withstand overload during airborne insertion. As part of the drop tests the capabilities of the vehicle during parachute deployment were tested. Rostec achieved the maximum level of overload, and the upgraded Sprut has passed the tests successfully and no systems were affected in terms of their functionality. The next stage is the deployment of the tank from an aircraft.

During drop tests, the light tank is deployed from a special tower to simulate airborne insertion. The development of the parachute system for the upgraded Sprut is currently under way. When these works are completed, The developer of the vehicle, the Volgograd Tractor Plant (being a subsidiary of Rostec) will conduct drop tests of Sprut-SDM1 from an aircraft under realistic conditions. Furthermore, as part of state tests, Sprut will be transported by the Il-76 and An-124 airlifters, as well as via the sling of the Mi-26 helicopter.

Sprut-SDM1 is a new version of 2S25 Sprut-SD with new fire-control system and remote weapon station. The 2S25 Sprut-SD Kraken-SD” is a self-propelled tank destroyer or light tank developed and manufactured by the Russian defense company, Volgograd Tractor Plant joint stock company, to meet the requirements of the Russian Airborne Force (VDV). The 2S25 is based on the chassis of the BMD-3 Infantry fighting vehicle, which is also produced by the Volgograd tractor factory and is in service with the Russian airborne troops.

The main armament of the 2S25 is a 125 mm smoothbore 2A75 tank gun, which is a derivative of the 125 mm 2A46 tank gun installed on Russian main battle tanks. The gun is fitted with an autoloader, which ensures the high rate of fire of 6?8 rounds per minute with both conventional projectiles and rounds with guided missiles. Its maximum speed on a highway is 70 kilometers per hour, and it reaches afloat speed of 9 kilometers per hour. A coaxial 7.62 mm PKT machine gun mounted to the left side of the main armament serves as the secondary armament of the 2S25; equipped with one tape of 2000 rounds.

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