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Soucy Defense Division and Horstman Signed MoU To Build New Generation Suspension Systems


Soucy Defense Division and Horstman Signed MoU To Build New Generation Suspension Systems

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Soucy International Inc. is glad to announce that its Defense Division has signed at DSEI the 15th of September 2021 a Memorandum of Agreement with Horstman. Horstman is a company of the RENK Group and specialized in heavy armoured and tracked vehicle suspension systems and operates in UK, USA and Canada supplying customers around the world. Horstman will collaborate with Soucy Defense on developing new generation suspension systems, fully adapted to Composite Rubber Track, which will increase the overall performance of the track system as well as the vehicle. The aim is to be able to offer potential customers with a fully integrated mobility solution to meet specific customer needs.

“Both companies have a long history providing solutions independently to customers around the world. With future tracked vehicle programmes coming into view it has become clear that we can provide integrated solutions to meet specific customers’ requirements and leverage our experience and skills. We are looking forward to working together in the future.” Says Ian Pain, CEO Horstman Group.

“I see this as a strategic collaboration which will increase the value proposition to our customers, whilst the risking mobility integration from the outset. Working collaboratively from the design phase will ensure a turn-key solution for our actual or potential customers” says M. Lalonde, Vice-President Defense Division.

Soucy Defense Composite Rubber Track (CRT)
Soucy Defense Composite Rubber Track (CRT)

Soucy has been established for 50 years and specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of CRT. Soucy supply a variety of components and parts for major manufacturers of power sport, industrial, agricultural and Defense vehicles around the world. Since entering the Defense market 26 years ago, the demand for Soucy’s products has grown, and now being utilised in 12 counties worldwide. Soucy’s expertise and knowledge of rubber track applications lie in compounding and track construction. The key elements in exceeding the specifications of traditional Steel Tracks and meeting customer requirements is the relationship between the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and rubber heat generation, this balance is critical in the design of CRT.

Horstman, a Company of the RENK Group is an agile and growing organisation comprising businesses units in the UK, US and Canada. Providing world leading design and manufacturing capabilities, our customers benefit from our time-tested pedigree in innovation, product development manufacture and defence project management in heavy armoured and tracked vehicle suspension systems. The company provides a quality and technically excellent offering to solve customers’ problems, throughout the portfolio life cycle. Horstman’s designed and manufactured products have been integrated for many years throughout multiple UK MOD platforms and customers globally.

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