DSME Launches ROKS Daejeon (FFG-823) for Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy)

South Korea manufacturer Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co (DSME) was to hold a launching ceremony for a new 2,800-ton frigate with improved anti-submarine capabilities. The new frigate Daejeon is the fifth Daegu-class FFX Batch II frigate to replace the Navy’s 1,500-ton frigates and 1,000-ton patrol combat corvettes. The ceremony was to be held at s Okpo shipyard on the southern island of Geoje, with the attendance of Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Boo Suk-jong.

The ROKS Daejeon has improved capability to detect and attack submarines with a towed array sonar system and a long-range antisubmarine torpedo. With 120 crew members aboard, The frigate displace 2,800 tons (3,593 tons full load), are 122 meters long, 14 meters wide and 34 meters high. They can accommodate a maritime helicopter. The new frigate will be delivered to the Republic of Korea Navy by the end of the next year after a trial period.

DSME Launches ROKS Daejeon (FFG-823) for Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy)
DSME Launches ROKS Daejeon (FFG-823) for Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy)

The Daegu-class is an improved variant of the Incheon-class frigate. Modifications to the Incheon-class include a TB-250K towed array sonar system and a 16-cell Korean Vertical Launching System (K-VLS) that is able to deploy the K-SAAM, Hong Sang Eo anti-submarine missile, and Haeryong tactical land attack cruise missiles. All these missile systems are designed and produced by local company LIG Nex1. The gun systems consists in a Mk 45 mod. 4 naval gun system (main gun) and a Phalanx Block 1B CIWS.

The Daegu-class is the first Korean warship to be equipped with a combined diesel-electric or gas (CODLOG) propulsion system. The propulsion system of the ROKN ships have a gas turbine direct drive and four high speed diesel generators driving two Leonardo DRS permanent magnet electric motors. The Rolls Royce MT30 turbine engine replaces the twin gas turbine layout of the Incheon-class frigates. the frigate also features a hybrid propulsion system to reduce underwater radiated noise. The class is capable of reaching speeds of 30 knots, according to DAPA.

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