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Elbit Systems Unveils TRIGON Naval Rocket and Missile Launcher System

Elbit Systems Unveils TRIGON Naval Rocket and Missile Launcher System
Elbit Systems Unveils TRIGON Naval Rocket and Missile Launcher System

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Elbit Systems unveils TRIGON naval rocket and missile launcher system designed to address battlespace challenges that require effective maritime fire support solutions and extended modern naval capabilities. TRIGON is the ideal artillery solution for attacking strategic targets deep in the combat zone, while avoiding exposure of ground forces. To achieve powerful and accurate firepower that provides wider cover while avoiding exposure, maritime vessels equipped with the TRIGON weapon system can carry the payload to the target through the open seas, with the backup of ground forces to minimize threats.

The TRIGON system is equipped with EXTRA missiles, delivering precise, long-range capability of 150km, a payload of up to 120kg and accuracy level of 10m CEP. TRIGON is a cost-effective solution that is easy to operate and maintain. The system is rapidly deployed and features day/night, all-weather availability. TRIGON equips maritime forces with an effective sea-to-shore weapons system that extends impact areas beyond traditional naval limitations, making out-of-reach targets accessible. By adding a new layer of intelligence and firepower whenever and wherever needed, TRIGON expands Air Forces ability to destroy radars and ground-to-air missile launching sites.

The Rocket Delivery Craft (RDC) is a comprehensive solution for small to medium size crafts. The RDC includes both the launcher and the vessel as a single system, equipped with 6 EXTRA missiles. The RDC enables a tailored solution to mission requirements.mTRIGON incorporates a fixed elevation launcher that can be installed permanently or as an add-on mission module. Each launcher contains two PODS with 4 EXTRA missiles in each one, for a total of 8 missiles per system. Its electronic components can be installed under or above deck in a dedicated mission module. The system can be configured and customized to vessel size and operational demands, and adjusted for additional missiles or to enable the use of a variety of artillery rockets and missiles.

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