Fourth Modernised Super Lynx Mk21B Helicopter Delivered to Brazilian Navy

The fourth modernized Super Lynx Mk21B (designated AH-11B in Brazil) has been delivered to Brazilian Naval Aviation (Aviação Naval Brasileira). The hoist was replaced by a newer model with a 60m cable, faster and electrically powered. The upgraded aircraft features new Honeywell/Rolls-Royce LHTEC CTS800-4N engines, developing 1,326shp and increasing maximum takeoff weight from 5,126 to 5,330kg; installation of a full glass cockpit with three 30x32cm screens compatible with night vision goggles; chaff and flare launchers; the MAGE EW support measures system; a radar warning receiver; ILS; TCAS; and AIS.

In 1978, the Brazilian Navy became the first foreign operator of the Lynx helicopter, having taken delivery of its first of a batch of five that year. During overseas deployments for multinational training exercises and United Nations operations, the Lynx has been described as “eyes and the ears of the fleet”. In 2014, a mid-life upgrade process was agreed for Brazil’s Lynx fleet, they shall receive LHTEC CTS800-4N engines, new avionics, satellite navigation systems, countermeasures, and night vision-compatible cockpit displays.


All aircraft undergo structural reinforcement, mainly in the engine area to support the greater weight and stresses incurred under maximum load. The first aircraft to be delivered under the $160 million (€135 million) contract achieved its first flight in September 2017 and was delivered to the ist Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopter Squadron in February 2019, together with the second aircraft, which had meanwhile been operated by the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). The third example was delivered in May last year and the programme should be fully completed by 2022.

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