Voronezh-M early warning rada
Voronezh-M early warning rada

Russia to Deploy Yakhroma Missile Attack Early Warning Radar in Crimea

Russian news agency TASS reported that specialists are preparing to start assembling the latest Yakhroma radar station in Crimea to make part of Russia’s missile attack early warning system. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the ministry’s year-end board meeting in late December 2020 that the ministry would begin work next year for building a Yakhroma radar in Sevastopol.The works are in full swing to develop equipment and software considering the vast potential accumulated from the previous versions of radars, begin the manufacturing process and prepare the Crimean facility for the assembly. The radar will go on combat alert within the designated timeframe, in accordance with the schedule approved by the defense minister. A source in the military-industrial complex told TASS that Yakhroma was unparalleled in the world.

The Yakhroma will be a new version of the Voronezh meter wavelength radar. It will be deployed between the decimeter Voronezh stations in Armavir and Kaliningrad, thus completing the work on building a two-range radar field. The Yakhroma concludes the series of meter wavelength radars. It will operate in four frequency ranges: meter, centimeter, decimeter and millimeter ones and have a field of vision of 270 degrees. There are plans to upgrade and build up the potential of deployed meter wavelength stations based on their integrated technologies. Currently Russia’s missile attack warning system consists of two layers: a cluster of four space satellites Tundra and a ground network of Voronezh radars. The system’s main task is to promptly spot and track ballistic missiles launched at the territory of Russia or its allies.

Voronezh-M early warning radar in Lekhtusi
Voronezh-M early warning radar in Lekhtusi.

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