Russian Southern Military District Ka-52 attack helicopters
Russian Southern Military District Ka-52 attack helicopters

Russian Southern Military District Aircrafts Practices During Aviadarts Preliminaries

At the airfield in the Krasnodar region, in preparation for the International Army Games, the second preliminaries of Aviadarts 2021 have been completed. Pilots of formations and military units of the army and operational-tactical aviation, based in Rostov, Volgograd regions, Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, on Su-25SM assault aircraft, Su-30SM fighter jets, Su-34 fighter-bombers, Ka-52 attack helicopters, and Mi-35M, as well as transport and combat helicopters Mi-8AMTSh took part in the contest. In total, more than 40 air crews participated in the contest.

Russian Southern Military Su-30SM fighter jets
Russian Southern MilitarySu-30SM fighter jets

During the contest, the crews flew along a 150-km route, reached three turning points at the specified time, and overwhelmed the air defence system. In accordance with the flight task, military pilots launched unguided missiles, dropped bombs and fired 30-mm air cannons at ground targets simulating military equipment and the manpower of a mock enemy. In the course of performing flight tasks, the crews of the fighter aircraft worked out elements of air combat, and the pilots of the army aviation performed search and rescue tasks.

Russian Southern Military District Aircrafts Mi-8AMTSh
Russian Southern Military District Mi-8AMTSh Helicopters

During the air duels, the contestants had to perform the detection of a mock air enemy at a distance of several tens of kilometers and perform an electronic launch of missiles. After that, the fighters practiced short-range maneuverable air combat, the purpose of which is to take the most favorable position for attacking the enemy and conditionally strike with the use of rocket weapons and aircraft guns. The analysis of objective control means will help to determine which of the contestants was able to conditionally hit the air enemy faster in long-range and melee combat.

Russian Southern Military District Su-25SM assault aircraft
Russian Southern Military Su-25SM assault aircraft

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