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Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFK)


Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFK)

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Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFK)
Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFK)

Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFK) features beacon follow me that lowers the cognitive load of the UGV operator considerably. Intelligent Functions are a key capability and an integral part of THeMIS UGVs making them organic unit members and allowing soldiers to concentrate on the job at hand. MIFK also enables obstacle detection and avoidance, waypoint navigation and mission planner interface for complete remote control over the vehicle and all of its functions. During the demonstration Milrem Robotics unveiled their Intelligent Functions Kit (IFK), which converts any vehicle into a self-driving or remotely controlled one. Milrem Robotics’ IFK is a modular hardware and software kit providing ROS2 based environment for different functionalities, which can be provided by Milrem Robotics, the customer or a third party. The IFK has been developed for Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS UGV and Type-X but can be adapted to any other vehicle with drive-by-wire integration.

The Milrem Intelligent Function Integration Kit (MIFIK) package includes all the necessary hardware and software modifications for implementing full unmanned control and safety functionality for any platform.
Remote Controllable LOS and BLOS use
Controllable Platform or payload behaviour
Intelligent environment detection systems
Scalable fleet management interface
Open architecture
Full lifecycle support
AES 256 Encryption

Pre plan fully autonomous missions with customizable vehicle behaviour. A fully adjustable vehicle and payload behaviour profile for any mission.
Plan and navigate route
Behaviour based on location or event
Return home and track back functions
Localisation in GNSS denied environment
Radio signal emission control
Smart planning assistance
2D and 3D LiDAR mapping
GIS data import / export and customization

For safe and secure use and interaction with platforms the package has critical safety and user-aid features that use the latest hardware and in-house built advanced software.
Obstacle detection and avoidance
Precision driving assistant
Critical information warnings
Internal safety monitoring
Smart maintenance monitoring
Human in the loop architecture
SIL 3 compatible remote e-Stop

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