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Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst


Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst

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Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst
Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst

In combat situations, troops struggle to neutralize an enemy that is hiding behind obstacles to avoid direct fire. Something more than artillery and mortar was required. Nammo has developed an airburst concept that is reliable, secure and effective that will help solve this tactical challenge with an excellent product on 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) systems. The Nammo airburst concept incorporates a radio frequency to program the ammunition which has proved to be a reliable concept and easy to integrate on existing weapon platforms in the modern battlefield. Nammo is in the lead to provide new solutions for AGL systems, with its products in this area offering almost 50 percent greater functionality than the nearest competitor.

The advantage of Nammo’s airburst solutions are:

  • Very easy to integrate on existing weapon platforms and fire control systems as well as a cost effective solution
  • Reliable programming
  • Accurate airburst position
  • Multiple possibilities for a string of pearls
  • Very low dud rate

Smart and reliable; the Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst round is the latest technology available for the Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) system that provides users with capability to defeat targets in an urban warfare scenario. The potential for all surface combat and training ammunition in the coming years has increased. Available to 40 mm AGL operators worldwide, the Nammo MPU enables a quicker response and increased lethality. By using the MPU, 40 mm airburst solutions are within reach without costly investments in complicated and sensitive fire control systems. The 40mmx53 Air Burst ammunition is the next level for users who already have great experience with and confidence in the AGL systems like the Mk19 or the H&K GMG.

Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst
Nammo 40mmx53 Air Burst

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