BAE Systems Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK)
BAE Systems Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK)

BAE Systems Receives $33 Million Contract to Produce Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK)

BAE Systems has received a $33 million multi-year contract from the U.S. Army to further develop its Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK) for 155mm artillery shells, enabling the U.S. Army to conduct long range precision strikes in challenging electromagnetic environments. The BAE Systems solution builds on proven, mature technology, offering greater performance than current guidance kits through increased maneuverability and an incorporated anti-jam capability. LR-PGK is a critical program in the Army’s 155mm Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) munitions suite, designed to deliver accurate, lethal fires at greater ranges than near-peer adversaries.

Under the new contract, BAE Systems will produce a series of LR-PGK fuzes for live-fire testing, further validating the solution and demonstrating its accuracy and reliability in challenging battlefield conditions. Prior to the award, BAE Systems successfully demonstrated the LR-PGK capability and performance at Yuma Proving Ground in September 2019. The company committed significant investment to deliver on the U.S. Army’s modernization goals by intentionally designing the LR-PGK’s modular architecture for low-cost production and upgradeability.

US Army Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) System
US Army Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) System

LR-PGK is one of several BAE Systems programs that support Long Range Precision Fires, one of the U.S. Army’s top modernization priorities. In addition to designing and manufacturing the M109 family of Self-Propelled Howitzers, BAE Systems has developed and delivered guidance systems for precision munitions for decades and is a major supplier of artillery round explosives and propellants.

Emerging signal-jamming capabilities of adversaries threaten the effectiveness of the U.S. Army’s existing artillery precision guidance kits, but our Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK) technology meets current and future anti-jam requirements to defeat jamming. It also advances previously successful capabilities developed to improve reliability of precision-strike functions in GPS-jammed environments.

This kit is compatible with existing and future artillery shells and firing platforms, including:

  • M795, M1128, XM1113, and M549A1 standard projectiles
  • M109A6/A7 self-propelled Howitzers (manufactured by BAE Systems)
  • M1299 Extended Range Cannon Artillery
  • M777A2 lightweight towed Howitzers (manufactured by BAE Systems)

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