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Taiwan’s AIDC Conducts Runway Test for T-5 Brave Eagle Jet Trainer


Taiwan’s AIDC Conducts Runway Test for T-5 Brave Eagle Jet Trainer

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Taiwanese Air Force AIDC T-5 Brave Eagle Jet Trainer
Taiwanese Air Force AIDC T-5 Brave Eagle Jet Trainer

T-5 Brave Eagle advanced jet trainer (AJT), designed by Taiwan’s state-owned Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), completed its first runway taxiing test on Tuesday, marking a historic moment in Taiwan’s aviation history. The jet had previously implemented a series of static tests. Personnel from the Ministry of National Defense, Air Force, and AIDC watched intently as the aircraft gradually accelerated and traversed the tarmac before finally coming to a stop. AIDC officials pointed out that although some deficiencies still need to be addressed, the jet’s first flight test will still be scheduled for the end of June. President Tsai Ing-wen is expected to attend and observe the momentous occasion.

On Tuesday morning, it rolled out of AIDC’s secret hangar at Ching Chuan Kang Air Force Base, ready for its runway test. The first test was conducted at 9 a.m., followed by another trial in the afternoon, in which an F-CK-1 IDF slowly followed behind to commemorate the new jet’s development milestone. the Brave Eagle jet trainers will replace Taiwan’s AT-3 Tzu Chung trainer jets and F-5E Tiger II fighter aircraft (used to train pilots). Currently, a fighter pilot must fly a propeller plane before moving on to the AT-3 and finally, the F-5. Soon, the pilot can fly a fighter plane after completing training on a propeller aircraft and then the Brave Eagle jet trainer.

Taiwan's AIDC Conducts Runway Test for T-5 Brave Eagle Jet Trainer
Taiwan’s locally-developed Brave Eagle Advanced Jet Trainer, shown here during its official unveiling, has now begun taxi trials, marking a significant milestone in its development and for Taiwan’s aviation industry.

AIDC is scheduled to deliver 66 T-5 Brave Eagle jet trainers to the Air Force before 2026. The delivery will also include 26 sets of ground-assisted training systems, 16 sets of mission planning systems, three sets of basic flight simulators, a set of full-function flight simulators, a set of real-time ground monitoring systems, and a set of flight training management systems. The ram air scoop of the F-CK-1 has been redesigned in partnership with the Eaton Corporation with two aluminum laser powder bed fusion printed parts replacing 22 original parts. Meggitt will supply the main wheels, carbon brakes and brake control systems as they do on the AT-3 and F-CK-1. Martin-Baker will provide the ejection seat systems

The AIDC T-5 Brave Eagle (Yǒngyīng) is a supersonic advanced jet trainer under development by the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) of Taiwan. The design is based on the AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo and shares the same engines, but will have 80% new components including a composite body. Compared to the F-CK-1 it will have advance avionics, increased fuel capacity, and be a little larger. More than 55% of its components are made in Taiwan. It has been reported that the aircraft was designed from the beginning to serve dual peacetime training and wartime combat roles.

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